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Why 30 Minute Naps Make You Far More Productive [Video]

While you might always want to aim to be the most diligent worker on staff, the one who never stops for a moment from morning 'til clock-out time, know that you actually might be doing yourself and your company a disservice if you don't take a break once in a while.

Your brain needs to rest—it's a scientific fact. Watch the video by the folks over at nymag to see the benefits of taking a nap for 30 minutes and how it can increase productivity.

Source: themuse

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  • This research makes me happy.

    I felt like I was one of the few lazy people who wanted to take a quick 15-20 minute nap while the rest of the world was filled with energy. Then I read that a lot of renowned personalities would catch a few winks in the afternoons. And now this video 🙂

    A nap has always helped me feel more energetic and ready to take on the rest of the day.

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