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Eight exciting careers for the world traveler


Working eight hours every day behind a desk isn’t for everyone. If you love traveling and are tired of spending all your paid time off and hard-earned money on only traveling once or twice a year, consider finding a job that gives you the freedom to travel the world.

Here are eight jobs for the world traveler:

1. Cruise line worker

Cruise ship jobs are a travel lover’s dream gig. You get paid to travel the world and interact with people of different cultural backgrounds. As if that doesn’t sound amazing enough, you’ll receive free food and accommodation while collecting a salary.

These floating resorts offer plenty of opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds. You can be a restaurant server, a cook, bartender, an entertainment director or a performer in the cruise’s entertainment lineup.

2. International tour guide

Becoming a tour manager or a tour guide is one of the most rewarding and exciting ways to travel the world. You get to learn about the history and culture of different countries while sharing your love of travel with like-minded individuals.

Wherever you want to go, there are plenty of travel destinations that are always in need of friendly, knowledgeable guides. With tour guiding, you’ll get to travel to fabulous vacation spots while getting paid. What’s more, if you’re good at it, you may get good tips, making your salary very competitive.

3. Travel agent

In the age of the Internet where you can easily search and book flights and vacation packages online, you may think that the professional travel agent is a dead career. While it’s predicted that there will be a decline in this job over the next decade, it’s still a rewarding occupation for travel lovers.

Travel agents work with resorts, cruise lines, airlines, and rental companies to secure travel arrangements for their clients. This means you’ll regularly go on free trips to luxury resorts sponsored by resorts or travel companies. The nice thing about becoming a travel agent is that you don’t have to pass an exam to prove that you know your stuff. While there are no real required skills, it’s useful to know basic things like geography and history and stay on top of the latest news at different destinations.

4. TEFL teacher

Teaching English abroad is just as rewarding for you as it is for your students. You’ll get to help students acquire one of the most sought-after skills in the world (speaking English) while immersing yourself in the country’s culture.

Jobs are in abundance, but you may need a bachelor’s degree, TEFL training, TEFL certification, and some teaching experience. If you’re thinking about what countries to teach English abroad, Thailand is one of the most popular TEFL destinations you may want to consider. Other top TEFL teaching destinations to consider are Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Dubai, and Taiwan.

5. Au pair

Being an au pair is one of the oldest and most famous travel jobs. If you work well with children, consider taking up an au pair job. An au pair works for a host family in a foreign country and provides childcare services. Alongside childcare, you may help out with light household chores.

You’ll receive free board and lodging as well as pocket money. Although the salary may be relatively low, you’ll get to immerse yourself in another culture as an extended member of the host family.

6. Photographer

If you’re skilled with a camera, you can turn your photographs into cash while traveling the world. As a travel photographer, you’ll be required to capture a variety of sites and events including destination hotels and resorts, outdoor adventures, scenery, cultures, local events, and customs.

You can choose to become a full-time photographer and work for a company or as a freelancer. Either way, you will travel the world while making money.

7. Website designer

We live in an exciting time where anyone can make a living online. Becoming a web designer is one of the occupations with oodles of potential and scope for employment. And, starting your web design journey in the field is easy – just choose a development specialization like JavaScript frameworks, HTML or CSS, get essential coding skills and launch an online portfolio.

8. Flight attendant

This is the most obvious jobs that involve travelling the world. It doesn’t require a degree but the requirements may vary from one airline to another. Most major airlines require prior customer service experience and a certification from a relevant aviation agency. Some airlines may require you to be able to stand on your feet for extended periods of time and reach the overhead bins.

Worth mentioning is that the work isn’t easy and the hours are frequently erratic. However, you’ll get the opportunity to travel around the world. Plus, you’ll get free or discounted flights for you and your family.

These eight jobs will enable you to explore the world while making money and building your career. Just be sure to choose one that’s fit for you.

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