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Your Guide through the Receptionist Interview Maze

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Written by Eric Titner

Are you on the hunt for the perfect receptionist position? Finding the ultra-competitive job search jungle a bit daunting? helps you catapult to the front of the interview pack with an inside look at the sort of questions you can expect on the big day.

Your potential next boss will want to know if you have the experience to hit the ground running and start making his or her office run smoothly and efficiently from day one. Expect to hear the following questions: “What were your primary responsibilities?,” “How many calls did you take on an average day in your last job?,” “What sort of people did you interact with on a daily basis?,” and “What sort of inquiries did you have to handle?”

They’ll also want to know if your receptionist skills are top notch, so be ready for the following sorts of questions as well: “What are the most important skills for a receptionist?” and “What computer skills do you have?”

Great receptionists can always think fast on their feet, multi-task like champs, and come up with effective strategies for handling any situation. Therefore, expect interview questions designed to task your on-the-job behavior and ability to think fast when it’s needed: “Tell me about a recent situation where you had to handle a difficult customer?,” “Describe how you organize your tasks for the day?,” “Tell me about a tough problem you had to sort out recently,” and “Can you give me an example of where you used your initiative in your previous job?”

Beyond a great receptionist background and stellar skills, potential employers will want to know if they’re hiring someone with a motivated and positive work attitude and ethic. After all, receptionists are typically the face of the organizations they work for and have to work with every department and person in the office. Be prepared to hear the following questions on the day of your interview: “Why do you want to work as a receptionist for this company?” and “What do you like and dislike about working as a receptionist?”

Now that you know the sort of questions you should expect when you’re on an interview you should invest some time leveraging your experience and skill set to craft the perfect responses to dazzle potential employers. Forewarned is forearmed!

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