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Top 250 Administrative Assistant Jobs That Are Hiring Today

Written by Sheryl Posnick

Almost any workplace you can think of has an administrative assistant—the behind-the-scenes person who keeps the office and its workers running smoothly. The great news is that this can be an entry-level job. If you can prove your interpersonal and organizational skills, and have a solid knowledge of basic word processing and office computer programs, you can apply for a position. Most training occurs on the job, and is office specific.

If you have interest in a certain field and would like a foot in the door, going the administrative assistant route is a great way to explore all corners of an industry—you not only are often the face of the company to clients, you also likely will talk to people at all levels of office hierarchy. Do a great job and become someone who’s trustworthy and accountable, and you’ll set yourself up for a career that can transport anywhere, in any company.

Here is a list of titles that fall under the Administrative Assistant umbrella.

Administrative Assistant Job Titles

Accounting Clerk

Accounting Specialist

Accounts Payable Assistant

Accounts Payable Clerk

Adjustment Clerk

Adjustment Representative

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Clerk

Administrative Coordinator

Administrative Director

Administrative Manager

Administrative Office Assistant

Administrative Specialist

Administrative Supervisor

Admissions Clerk

Advocacy Specialist

Assessment Clerk

Assessment Technician

Assistant City Manager

Assistant Hotel Front Office Manager

Auditing Clerk

Automotive Warranty Clerk

Auxiliary Services Manager

Aviation Inventory Clerk

Bakery Clerk

Bank Clerk

Billing Clerk

Borough Manager

Business Office Administrator

Business Office Assistant

Business Office Manager

Car Rental Clerk

Chapter Specialist

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Assistant

Circulation Clerk

City Clerk

City Manager’s Assistant

City Official

City Recorder

City Superintendent

City Treasurer

Claims Clerk

Claims Processor

Clerical Coordinator

Clerical Supervisor

Clerical Support Associate


Collection Coordinator

Collections Clerk

Commissary Clerk

Conference Registrar

Constituent Services Manager

Contract Administrator

Contract Analyst

Contract Assistant

Contract Consultant

Contract Director

Contract Manager

Contract Negotiator

Contract Specialist

Contract Supervisor

Contracting Officer

Convenience Store Clerk

Correspondence Analyst

Correspondence Clerk

Correspondence Supervisor

County Administrator

County Director

County Recorder

Court Clerk

Cultural Affairs Manager

Data Collector

Data Conversion Project Manager

Data Entry Analyst

Data Entry Assistant

Data Entry Clerk

Data Entry Consultant

Data Entry Manager

Data Entry Representative

Data Entry Supervisor

Data Processor

Database Assistant

Deli Clerk

Dental Receptionist

Deputy County Recorder

Diet Clerk

Director of Government Affairs

Dispatch Clerk

Document Analyst

Document Control Administrator

Document Control Clerk

Document Control Supervisor

Document Imaging Specialist

Document Manager

Election Clerk

Elections Coordinator

Elections Director

Eligibility Specialist

Enrollment Eligibility Representative

Escrow Clerk

Event Registration Specialist

Executive Assistant

Executive Secretary

Faculty Administrative Assistant

Faculty Secretary

Federal Affairs Director

Finance Clerk

Financial Aid Technician

Financial Assistance Specialist

Financial Secretary

Fire Department Administrative Assistant

Floral Clerk

Foreclosure Clerk

Foreign Affairs Director

Freight-Rate Clerk

Front Desk Attendant

Front Office Manager

Gender Affairs Officer

Government Affairs Analyst

Government Affairs Assistant

Government Affairs Manager

Government Affairs Specialist

Government Contracts Manager

Government Relations Coordinator

Government Relations Director

Grant Administrator

Grant Director

Grant Manager

Grant Writer

Grievance and Appeals Coordinator

Grievance and Appeals Representative

Grocery Clerk

Guest Service Agent

Health Care Representative

Health Department Administrator

Healthcare Claims Processor

Hotel Front Office Manager

Hotel Front Office Supervisor

Human Resources Clerk

Human Rights Officer

Import / Export Clerk

Indexing Specialist

Inventory Clerk

Jail Secretary

Laboratory Administrative Assistant

Law Clerk

Legal Billing Clerk

Legal Office Manager

Legal Secretary

Legislative Affairs Specialist

Legislative Aide

License Clerk


Logistics Clerk

Mail Clerk

Mailroom Clerk

Maintenance Clerk

Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical Admissions Clerk

Medical Billing Clerk

Medical Clerk

Medical Front Office

Medical Office Manager

Medical Office Supervisor

Medical Receptionist

Medical Records Clerk

Medical Secretary

Merchandise Clerk

Nutrition Clerk

Office Assistant

Office Automation Clerk

Office Clerk

Office Manager

Office Supervisor


Order Administrator

Order Clerk

Order Entry Specialist

Patient Coordinator

Patient Registration Specialist

Payroll Clerk

Permit Coordinator

Personal Assistant (PA)

PMO Analyst

PMO Director

PMO Manager

PMO Project Manager

PMO Specialist

Police Administrative Assistant

Police Clerk

Police Records Manager

Police Records Supervisor

Police Records Technician

Policy Advisor

Political Affairs Officer

Political Director

Postal Service Clerk


Production Clerk


Protocol Officer

Public Administrator

Public Policy Analyst

Public Policy Assistant

Public Policy Director

Public Policy Specialist

Public Service Director

Public Service Manager

Public Service Project Manager

Public Service Specialist

Quality Control Clerk

Real Estate Clerk

Real Estate Office Manager


Records Coordinator

Records Custodian

Records Officer

Records Technician

Referral Specialist

Refund Specialist

Registrar of Voters

Rental Clerk

Returns Processor

Scale House Clerk

Scanning Assistant

Scanning Specialist

Scheduling Coordinator


Securities Clerk

Service Contracts Manager

Shipping / Receiving Clerk

Shop Clerk

Social Security Specialist

Spa Receptionist

Space Management Specialist

Staff Scheduler

Surgery Scheduler

Title Services Representative

Tooling Manager

Township Manager

Township Trustee

Trade Officer

Traffic Clerk

Transportation Clerk

Utility Billing Clerk

Utility Clerk

Veterans Service Officer

Veterinary Receptionist

Village Administrator

Village Manager

VP of Government Affairs

Warehouse Clerk

Warranty Clerk

Word Processing Operator

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school graduates who are comfortable using computer software applications usually qualify for entry-level positions. If you are interested in legal and medical assistant positions, those might require additional training to learn industry-specific terminology.

In order to enter this field, most jobs require you to have a high school diploma or equivalent. According to BLS, employment of customer service representatives is projected to grow 3 percent through 2024, and the median hourly wage for the field is around $17.90.

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