What Hiring Managers Really Think of Your Tattoos

Written by Jessie Liu

Approximately 14% of the American population have at least one tattoo. Tattoo culture is on the rise and the trend has finally made it’s way into mainstream society. Despite this new found popularity, there still seems to be a stigma regarding tattoos in the workplace.

According to Skinfo.com, People with tattoos are more likely to have limited career potential and are less likely to get hired. In fact, there are no laws in place protecting people with tattoos from discrimination. And it’s not just hiring managers either. Skinfo also found that 43% of people feel that visible tattoos in the workplace are inappropriate.

Luckily, large companies such as IKEA, Target, Google, and UPS are more tattoo friendly.

So if you have tattoos, how do you go about finding and keeping a job? Skinfo has compiled an infographic on everything you need to know about tattoos in the workplace. You can use this to plan for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Good luck!



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