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Here’s the Number One Resume Mistake You’re Making

Written by Peter Jones

We spend so much time trying to craft the perfect resume in order to land our dream job. We’re all painfully aware how important that one little document can be in determining our futures. But what if there is one thing, one major mistake, that continues to stump recruiters and keep holding us back from achieving career success? And what if it would be a pretty easy fix for us to make sure we never make that one mistake?

Good news and bad news. The good news is that this cardinal mistake is easily prevented and possible to fix. The bad news is: you’re probably guilty of having committed it at some point. It is rampant.

That one mistake? Sloppiness. You guessed it. No matter how carefully you finesse the information and the layout of your resume. No matter how you choose your keywords and your formatting. No matter how kick-ass your job history. If you’re careless and don’t pay enough attention to the little details—or the spelling and grammar—on your resume, you’re just as likely to have your document shredded as you are to be asked in for the interview.

Don’t be lazy. Don’t forget to update your dates and jobs. Don’t forget to accurately list information that is up-to-date. Don’t include any irrelevant information. And don’t don’t don’t let it leave your email outbox with a single typo. That’s what spell check (and a few minutes of your careful reading time) is for.

If you’re afraid you’ve spent too many hours looking at your own resume to catch any or all of these little errors, have a friend look it over for you. Just don’t let it out the door without making sure it’s as perfect as it possibly can be.

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