How to Survive Your Office’s Hot and Cold Temperatures

Written by Jessie Liu

Far too many office workers know the daily routine. The workplace either feels like you are in the middle of the blazing desert without a twig to stand under for shade or like you’re at the North Pole without an igloo to cut the icy wind. That’s because office temperatures are based on a 50-year-old formula that involved the resting temperature of a 40-year-old man who weighed 145 pounds.

Working when you are uncomfortably hot or cold can be a challenge, but there are tips that can help you make it through the day and feel more comfortable.

Layer Your Clothing

If you’re feeling like Bob Cratchit working for Ebenezer Scrooge, try layering your clothing to stay warm. Men already frequently do this by wearing a suit and adding a vest as an extra layer. Women often wear dresses to work, but if you wearing a pantsuit with an added vest, you can look chic and stay warmer. If you are still cold, bring a sweater and add an extra pair of socks and a wooly scarf.

Get Something to Drink

You can help cool yourself down or warm yourself up by getting something to drink. Hot coffee, tea, or even a cup of soup can take away that frosty chill. When you’re feeling hot, opt for a drink with ice, cold fruit juice, or chunks of frozen fruit.

Get Out of the Office

Step out of the office for a few minutes to warm up or cool down if there are areas in the building where it is more comfortable. Just walking will warm you up some. Going out to lunch is another option, even if it’s just for a quick bite in a place with a more comfortable temperature. This gives you the ability to reenergize yourself for the rest of the day.

Watch What Fabrics You Wear

Your choice of fabrics in a business environment can affect whether you feel too hot or cold indoors. When you feel too warm, wear breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, or silk. The light weight and breathability lets the moisture evaporate from your skin faster because these fabrics allow better air circulation.

Additional Options to Cool Down or Warm Up

You’ve changed your clothing and are sipping like mad on hot or cold drinks and it still isn’t enough, it’s time to go into emergency mode. If you are too hot, unplug all unnecessary equipment around you because those little machines put out heat. Unplug your lamp, too. Bringing in a small fan can be helpful to keep you cool. If the cold has you shivering, ask your boss if you can use a small space heater and get a pair of fingerless gloves for frosty hands.

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