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How to Make Job Search Sites Work for You

Written by Joanna Hughes

The Internet provides job seekers with an abundance of information about jobs that are currently available. Some online databases are immense. While this provides greater opportunity than job classifieds, the amount of time you might spend going from one job search site to another may be overwhelming. Improvising a plan to utilize the Internet to find a job is a solid decision. However, it is important to choose where you intend to look. Deciding on a job site that gives you what you need increases productivity.

Why Use an Online Job Search Site?

A primary reason for using an online job search site is the large quantity of jobs available for you to browse. This makes jobs in multiple fields and locations accessible. You are able to look for jobs at different levels from senior to entry levels, letting you target jobs for which you are qualified. Since the pay scale varies according to the job responsibilities and your qualifications, you will not undersell yourself. In addition, you will be able to preview jobs you might not have pursued before or look for positions in a different city or state.

Important Aspects of the Search

Depending on the job search site, you might need to use keywords in your search. Choosing the right keyword is important, and some job search sites will offer advice on the way to do that. Being able to save searches and specific jobs is likewise important, since you might want to revisit each later.

Choosing a Job Search Site

There are basic questions you need to ask before you decide on one job search site over another. It is vital that a site is trustworthy and checking on a site before using it is a good idea. Making sure that the site updates their listings frequently ensures that you will not be applying for a job that has been filled. In addition, you might determine if using the site will fit in with the amount of time you have to spend. According to Forbes, looking for a full time job should take roughly 25 hours per week.

Privacy Policy

Making sure that the job search site has a well-defined privacy policy is essential. Since you provide a good deal of information on your application and resume, you want to make sure the information will be protected. A job search site should clearly state its privacy policy for you to review before using it.

Using TheJobNetwork

TheJobNetwork offers a comprehensive plan for finding a job. You can search using a browse feature and apply for jobs as you find them, or you can upload your resume. In addition, the network searches for jobs on a 24-hour basis, sends you an alert when one is available using skills and preferences you provide and ranks the job according to its match level.

When you fill out an online profile at TheJobNetwork, you provide your email address, any demographics you wish to list as well as skills and job qualifiers. You need not list your name or contact information. This allows for anonymity while using the search site and helps to protect your information. However, when you fill out an application for a specific job, you will need to provide the employer with your contact information. The more skills and preferences you list, the greater likelihood your search will be successful. As your information updates, you can modify your profile.

TheJobNetwork makes it convenient to look for a job online, saves time, matches your search to available jobs, and sends an email alert. Using this strategy widens your job search base and can help you find the best job for you.

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