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How to Find a Job With Public Relations Expert Ryan May

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Ryan May has 12 years of public relations experience under his belt, and it’s taught him quite a bit about finding a job, something he shares among other insights on the Minnesota Public Relations Blog. We spoke with Ryan about what PR can teach us about a job search.

What can job seekers learn from public relations?

Public relations or PR is a unique industry, as it touches on so many different industries. To be in PR means you have to be prepared to learn about every industry your clients need.

How important is your online footprint? Can you really lose out on a job thanks to a tweet?

Having a strong online footprint is very important, but ensuring that it is strategic and thoughtful is more important. Don’t post stuff to social media that is not good for your long-term reputation. Job seekers have definitely lost out on job opportunities because of their tweets or Facebook posts.

What mistakes do you see employers making when they’re looking for job candidates?

Employers often overlook excellent candidates because they don’t have a high enough GPA. If a candidate has a solid B average and has been working three jobs while going to school, they should not be overlooked because they don’t have a 3.5 GPA.

What are some urban legends you’ve seen floating around about hiring mistakes these days, and is there any truth to them?

There are plenty of urban legends about today’s job search. My favorite is that the more resumes you send out, the better your odds of finding a job. This idea is completely wrong. Find a job you want, and then thoughtfully work on networking your way into the job.

What should everyone looking for a job be doing to better promote themselves?

Not everyone needs a blog, but everyone today should have a website to outline their skills.


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