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Whether looking for a job to pay the bills or taking the next step on your career, the search can feel like an endless day and night grind. We’ve all been there – written numerous cover letters, tweaked words on resumes, and gone to networking events where we know no one. The old adage is true, “it’s a full time job finding a full time job.”

But, it is also important to remember that part of the process should be fun. You should be focusing on learning about yourself, what you want to spend your 10,000 hours on, and how you can learn from your failings to make yourself a more attractive job seeker to employers. On top of all of that, sometimes it is just good to draw inspiration from other people’s successes and failures. After hours of job hunting, take a moment and enjoy these inspirational career tidbits.

  1. Jimmy Fallon reads #HowIQuit

While you might be looking for your next job, it is important to remember that not all jobs are dream jobs. And sometimes, even dream jobs turn out to be nightmares. Many jobs run their course, so Fallon highlights some quirky #HowIQuit stories.

  1. This is Off Campus

The Off Campus Podcast is relatively unknown in the burgeoning podcast world, but it is certainly drawing attention of late. Each episode is an interview with someone honing in on their experiences in pursuing their dream, what worked, and what did not.


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  1. Marina Shifrin’s Interpretive Dance

Remember when I wrote that sometimes dream jobs turn out to be nightmares. It seems like this was the case for the now viral-famous Marina Shifrin, whose catchy video has nearly 20 million views on YouTube! Here is the video and then a little more about the sudden fame Shifrin received.

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  1. It could be worse

Possibly one of the best things about finding a job is that you do not have to look for another one every waking hour anymore! On the other hand, you could be Homer Simpson, who has had (in this video) 101 jobs.

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