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10 top places to work in 2018

Jan 30, 2018 Kate Lopaze

10 top places to work in 2018

When you’re looking for a job, where you land can be every bit as important as what job you’ll be doing. Knowing what employers are leading your field right now can help you shape your job search and figure out what you want your next step to be. Let’s look at some of the best companies to work this year, in some of the fastest-growing fields: tech, food service, retail, healthcare, and travel.

Tech Companies

If you’re interested in being right on the innovative edge of things, there’s no place like the tech industry. There are always openings for engineers and IT whizzes, but these are also large companies that have massive infrastructure in place as well—so that means administrative jobs, marketing jobs, sales jobs, and other “non-techie” jobs as well. They also have offices around the country, so you may not even need to pack up and move to Silicon Valley to get the cutting edge tech job of your dreams.
Like millions of Americans, you’re probably on Facebook. In fact, you may have clicked on this article from Facebook. Facebook is a force of nature in the tech and social media fields, continually shaping how we interact with the world and with each other. And as a company, they came up tops on Glassdoor’s annual survey of the best places to work, primarily for the opportunities it affords employees, plus solid benefits. Sample review: “Fast paced company with high expectations, but incredibly fair. You won't a place that cares more about its people.” —Anonymous Facebook employee
This is kind of the gold standard of working in the tech world, isn’t it? We’ve all heard the rumors of lavish cafeterias and super-casual offices at Google, but the company just might be worth the hype. In employee surveys, Google tends to get great marks for employee culture and work-life balance, but be warned—a “challenging” workload is a frequently commented-upon characteristic of working here, particularly in software engineering roles. Sample review: “[A] huge diversity of work ranging from defending independent journalism worldwide (Google Project Shield) to crisis response during disasters (see Maps during Hurricane Sandy or Tsunamis), to the best machine learning experts and projects in the world." —Software Engineer at Google
HubSpot may not be as visible as other companies, but in the tech field it’s well-known for creating sales and marketing software. Employees cite the company’s focus on employee development and well-being, as well as its great employee benefits and perks, as a major reason for its continued success in top company rankings. Sample review: “There's a reason HubSpot keeps winning best place to work awards. It really is a great place to be. The company truly cares about the wellbeing of their employees and shows that through great benefits and perks, transparency with employees on the direction of the company, and a strong management team.” —Customer Success Manager at HubSpot

Food Service Companies

Food service is an industry that’s perennially growing, no matter what. But if you’ve ever worked in food service (or heard the horror stories), you know that it’s not always the greatest field to work in. Luckily, there are companies that make food service a solid place to work on your career path or your right-now job.
In-N-Out Burger
Ask five of your friends for their opinions on In-N-Out Burger—chances are they have strong ones. The menu inspires cult-like loyalty, but did you know it’s also a pretty good place to work behind the counter as well? As a fast food chain that bucks the stereotypes of, well, fast food chains, In-N-Out gets high marks for flexible scheduling and excellent pay and benefits. Sample review: “Extremely flexible with scheduling, you work with similar personalities so everyone tends to get along, you move up quickly, you genuinely feel appreciated 9 times out 10, free meal every day that you work, great pay and excellent benefits for a rewarding job!” —Anonymous In-N-Out employee

Retail Companies

If you’re in the retail field, you know that the quality of the employee experience can vary pretty widely. That’s why when there are rockstar companies that can make your retail career more fulfilling, it’s good to know where those opportunities are.
Whenever there’s a survey of great companies to work for (no matter what the industry), Costco usually pulls in plenty of praise. The wholesale retail giant offers highly competitive salaries and full benefits like vacation time, sick time, retirement plans, childcare assistance, and tuition reimbursement, among others. Costco is also one of the few large retailers that remain closed on holidays, giving employees paid time off. Sample review: “Costco takes care of its employees.” —Administrative Clerk at Costco
For a company that pins its public image on health, fitness and well-being, it’s good to hear that Lululemon is a popular place to work as well. Employees cite the company’s focus on employee progress and development as one of the top features of working for this athletic apparel retailer. Sample review: “Above average pay for retail. Great benefits. Opportunity for great bonuses. Doesn't feel like working retail.” —Assistant Manager at Lululemon

Healthcare Companies

If you’re looking to pick a hot field right now, healthcare is it. Healthcare jobs consistently rank among the fastest-growing jobs according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and it’s such a varied industry that pretty much anyone can find a niche, from working with patients to technology to administration.
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital is one of the nation’s leading pediatric research hospitals, helping children who have cancer and other chronic or life-threatening diseases. It scores high marks among employees for its focus on innovative research, and the teamwork atmosphere it cultivates. Sample review: “The people here are fantastic and welcoming! It feels more like a family career than just a job. The researchers and facilities are top notch, and everything is collaborative.” —Associate Scientist at St. Jude’s
Texas Health Resources
If you’re a Texan or thinking about relocating to one of its bustling metro areas, and you’re seeking a new job in the health industry, consider Texas Health Resources. This faith-based, nonprofit health system consistently ranks in Glassdoor’s top 50 places to work, primarily due to its generous benefits and collaborative atmosphere for allied health professionals. Sample review: “Good patient-nurse ratios, great benefits, tuition reimbursement, overall positive work environment, diverse staff and patient population, good communication.” —Registered Nurse at Texas Health Resources

Travel and Hospitality Companies

Although some segments of the travel and tourism industry have been slowing down, air travel-related jobs have been rebounding. But not all airlines are created the same, and the ones that rank high in employee satisfaction are leading the industry.
Whether on planes or working behind the scenes at the airport, Delta employees receive a strong benefits package and participate in a profit-sharing program that encourages good performance all around. Sample review: “Delta as an airline is top-notch, as all rankings indicate, increasing job security and profit sharing. Safety is a top-tier focus in all facets of the company. Employees have a vested interest in improving reliability and performance of the airline, so teamwork among all departments is standard.” —Department Manager at Delta
“Companies that care” may sound like a cliché, but according to many Southwest Airlines employees, it’s true for their own company. The low-cost airline provides comprehensive benefits, and focuses on employee development and well-being. Plus, employees get travel perks. Sample review: “Company with a heart, great working environment, fun teams, fast paced work, leaders who care about employee development, excellent benefits, and an all around enjoyment to go to work each day for the company!” —Business Operations Analyst at Southwest Airlines No matter what industry you’re considering (or already working in), the ultimate goal is to find a workplace that checks off a number of boxes: career development, job satisfaction, decent compensation, and a positive environment, among other qualities. If you’re interested in overall employee satisfaction and positive career opportunities, you might want to follow the advice of people who’ve been there and check out one of these companies for your own career goals.

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