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Behind the Wheel: Truck Driver Training (VIDEO)


Considering pursuing your CDL and taking to the road in a rig of your own? Cape Fear Community College has posted a video from their truck driver training school to give you a look behind the wheel to experience what it would be like with a truck of your own! The video features an introduction to the various vehicles you'll need to know, and how well you need to know them. You'll spend two weeks in a classroom, and five weeks on the range for hands-on practice with an instructor.

Beneath the hood, from front to back, a reputable CDL program will prepare you not only for the mechanical side of the job, but the logistical and legal requirements of being a full-time driver too. There are regulations that vary by state to be aware of, and safety protocols to follow carefully. Beware of any program that seems to take the coursework less seriously or promises to move you through it any faster!

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  • I work as an employment specialist in my church, and we have a man in our congregation who is interested in becoming a truck driver. I was doing some research to figure out the process behind becoming a truck driver, and I found this information very helpful. I will make sure that he watches these videos in order to prepare him for a CDL program. Thanks for sharing these videos!

    • I am so glad you found this information useful. Tell him good luck on his CDL program. Be sure to visit our site from time to time, we are always updating new resources for truck drivers.

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