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Administrative Salary & Hiring Trends for 2017

Written by Peter Jones

If you work in the office or administrative support sector, you’re in luck. These occupations are poised to see about a million and a half new job openings by 2022. Companies are filling vacancies and making new ones at a rapid pace, seeking employees who have experience in the industry, a proven track record for collaboration and initiative, excellent communication skills, technological savvy, a positive attitude, and are keen to advance.1

Here are some trends to watch out for this year.

1. Job Title Changes

Admin professionals are being tasked with different—and more—job responsibilities. This is starting to reflect in titles like Chief Executive Administrator, Director of First Impressions, Administrative Chief of Staff, Director of Administration, and Administrative Services Manager.

2. Job Description Obsolescence

Your job description doesn’t match your day-to-day work at all. You’re doing so much more and such bigger tasks that you hardly recognize the job you were hired to do. It’s time to revamp your job description. Ask your manager if you can sit down and create an updated version. This helps hold both of you accountable, and will help to show your performance more accurately when review (and raise) time comes along.

3. Salary Bumps

Good news! Salaries are improving by an average of 3% or more—especially for certain senior and HR positions. If you speak another language, or you have a Certified Administrative Professional designation, or you’re a specialist in the MS Office Suite, you’re likely to be in line for more money.

4. Diversifying Roles

In this new global world, different skills and experience will be more in demand. Bilingualism, customer service skills, financial savvy, etc. Start thinking about what you offer outside the box in the new economy.

5. Technology

Gone are the days of getting jobs just because of lightning fast typing speed. New technology happens fast—and administrative professionals have to keep up. Educate yourself and specialize in multi-skilled roles involving online marketing, web development, customer service, and other online aspects of your job, and you’ll go far. You’ll want to focus less on the old standards of spreadsheets and data entry and more on new things like web conferencing, IT hardware, and other software systems.

6. Education

There will be a trend toward employers requiring an associate’s degree—at minimum—for their administrative hires. Get yourself on the cutting edge and get your associate’s—or even your bachelor’s—to stay ahead of the curve.

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