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9 Signs You Are On The Right Career Path

Written by Peter Jones

Choosing the right career for you can be an incredibly difficult task. There are so many variables and curveballs that will be coming at you from every angle. It’s easy to lose sight of the path you thought you were on—and whether or not you still want to be on it! But whether you’re brand new to the workforce or have been there for years, here are a few ways to know when you’re on the right track in a rewarding career:

1. You wake up happy.

Trust us, most people don’t wake up energized and jazzed up to go about their days. If you actually look forward to going into the office, congrats! You’ve done it!

2. Your to-do list doesn’t make you cringe.

You look at your list of daily tasks and are eager—even excited—to tackle most of them. You get right down to work when you get to work, rather than dragging your feet and putting it off as long as possible.

3. The day flies.

Before you know it it’s quitting time. Did you even eat lunch? You actually enjoy the time you spend in the office. And you find yourself wishing you had just another hour to finish off a few loose ends.

4. You’re appreciated.

It’s clear that your coworkers and boss truly value the work you’re doing. You have their respect. You have their trust and thanks. And sure, hopefully soon, you’ll have that promotion.

5. You won’t shut up.

You get home or out to happy hour with pals and all you want to talk about is your work and how great it is, or what you’re currently working on. A lot of people can’t stop talking about work because they can’t stop complaining about it. If you’re doing the opposite, you’re probably in the right place.

6. You see the future.

And it’s huge! You can see a clear and challenging career path for yourself at this company. Maybe not “all the way to the top,” but certainly to a satisfying end point that you would consider a milestone. If you start associating yourself with your job as part of your identity, and you see the company’s future success as integral to yours, then you’re right where you should be. One with the company!

7. You’re positive and helpful.

Your coworkers like you because you’re upbeat, positive, and generous with your help. They turn to you first when questions or problems arise. You’re looked to for leadership positions on projects and teams. You routinely go the extra mile—and you like doing it. The added effort only energizes you more. You are desperate to keep proving yourself and not lose your position or esteem.

8. You don’t get sad on Sundays.

You know those old Sunday afternoon blues? The feeling of dread when you realize you have to go to work tomorrow? If you’re not getting those pangs on a weekly basis, then that’s a pretty good sign.

9. You sing your company’s praises.

If your company comes up—either for its products or services or as a place to work, you can’t shut up about it. You’re constantly encouraging friends or contacts to come work with you. You’re pimping out your company at every turn. If this is you, well, you should probably stay right where you are. In your dream job!

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