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6 Steps to Finding a Second Job

Written by Peter Jones

Need a second job? The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out what kind of second job most suits you—do you want to work for someone else, or are you better off working towards starting a small business or trying self-employment? Then, think about your schedule. Most second jobs will choose you depending on the flexibility (or inflexibility) of the hours you have available. Do you need benefits? Is this a temporary solution? Or do you want a long-term gig? Figure out what sort of thing you’re looking for, then follow these easy tips towards finding yourself that extra paycheck.

1. Narrow your searches.

Search parameters can be incredibly helpful when looking for second jobs in particular, as you can select keywords that are deal-breakers for you, like “weekend” “evening” “freelance” “telecommute” “part-time” etc. and really narrow the field.

2. Look for online gigs.

Try looking for online jobs where you can work from home—often in your pajamas—and still, supplement your income. Be careful to find the legitimate opportunities out there among the scams. Try online tutoring, or freelance writing, or even start an Etsy shop to sell your crafts.

3. Go in person.

If you’re looking for a second job in a restaurant or store or hotel, then going in person with a resume and a professional demeanor might just get you through the door. Make sure not to show up at the busiest times of day so you can actually get yourself noticed.

4. Use your contacts.

You’ve built a network for a reason. Use it. Put out feelers telling your contacts you’re looking to pick up a little extra work. You never know what you might turn up. Besides, they might come up with more unique opportunities than you could dredge up yourself. Try for something exciting or challenging or different to shake things up!

5. Be upfront.

Make it clear to your potential new employer that this would be your second job. This is the best policy honesty-wise, but also will ensure that they are more understanding about your scheduling needs.

6. Consider caregiving.

Caregiver jobs are at an all-time high as far as demand is concerned. Whether you’re caring for pets or children or the elderly and infirm, there’s probably a gig out there that would work for you—and really help a family out when they most need it.

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