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6 Bad Work Habits That Are Ruining Your Career

Written by Peter Jones

Whether you’re just starting out or trying to revitalize your career, it’s always important to do a lifestyle and attitude check up to make sure you’re not subconsciously sabotaging yourself.

Here are 6 bad work habits that you should change if you want to find a path to success.

1. Ruthlessness

Sure, the road to success is littered with ruthless, bloody-minded mercenaries who have tunnel vision—and damn everything and everybody else. But the business world also requires you to be a good team member and collaborator. Try to keep in mind that your success does not need to exclude anyone else’s success, and work together with your coworkers—rather than against.

2. Complaining

This is a waste of your time and energy. For every time you’re tempted to complain, try instead to think of a possible solution, or to channel your energy into something productive and constructive.

3. Gossip

If you’re a big mouth, spreading gossip or telling insider secrets, or worse—spreading mistruths—then you’re not going to go far. If people feel you can’t be trusted, you won’t ever gain the trust and confidence you’ll need to get to the top.

4. Drinking

A drink or two can be a great ice breaker, but you’ll want to be careful not to overindulge. It can impair your function, burden your workweek with hangovers, and cause you to do things you might regret. Keep a hold on yourself socially so as not to lose a grip on yourself professionally.

5. Arrogance

Confidence in your abilities is one thing. Drive is another thing. Arrogance is just unnecessary. Try not to antagonize anyone with your self opinion on your way up the ladder. A little humility can go a long way.

6. Laziness

You have to work hard to succeed. Employers and coworkers can always tell when someone isn’t pulling their weight. Next time you’re tempted to hang back and let others do the work, remember how important it is to pull your own weight and to give it your all. If you don’t, you’ll never truly succeed.


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