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5 job apps that will make your work search easier

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“Simple” and “painless” are two words that are rarely associated with a job search. Usually, the descriptions job seekers use to describe the process are more along the lines of the “repetitive,” “confusing,” and “bang-my-head-on-the-desk” variety.

Luckily for all of us, technology is changing all that. There is now a bevy of hiring job apps, Chrome extensions, and other tools that can take some of the sting out of looking for a new gig. We’ve rounded up five of the best job apps and tools for those on the hunt for a new job. These tools will help you manage the work of looking for work.


During the job search, follow up is key to getting a job. But since most job posts don’t contain the name of the hiring manager, it can be a difficult task.

For finding email addresses, ContactOut a great Chrome extension for email collection and a powerful tool for job seekers who are looking to connect directly with recruiters and hiring managers. Just find the LinkedIn profile of the person you want to email or call, and ContactOut scours the web for personal emails and telephone numbers, making it easier than ever to follow up on your dream job. Users get 50 free credits per day.


If an online job search were a bar, the applicant tracking system (ATS) would be the bouncer. With companies often receiving hundreds of applications for a single job opening, an ATS is the first line of screening for almost every online application. And, like a password whispered into a bouncer’s ear for entry into an exclusive hotspot, the key to getting past an ATS is having the right keywords on your resume. But how does the average job seeker know the right resume keywords to use?

Enter JobScan, which optimizes your resume to boost your success with getting it past the ATS and onto the desk of a human recruiter. Just paste your resume and an interesting job ad into fields on the website and JobScan will analyze the two and make suggestions for how to improve your keyword match in the ATS. A separate service will do the same for your LinkedIn profile if you plan to apply through LinkedIn.

LiveCareer Apply

If the repetition of your job search is killing your optimism, we have the tool for you. It doesn’t take long once you’ve started looking for a new job to realize that it is a pretty tedious process. Fill out an online application. Attach your resume and cover letter. Hit send. Repeat.

To reduce the monotony, LiveCareer has created a tool that makes filling out online applications fast and error-free. The LiveCareer Apply tool helps you autofill job applications ­– input your information once and the tool will populate applications for you. It increases your efficiency, reduces the possibility of typos or other manual data entry errors in your online forms, and works on all of the top job boards. Even better? The Chrome extension is free! Download it and start applying today!


This mention on a list of great job apps might elicit a collective “DUH!” from active job seekers, but LinkedIn remains one of the most useful hiring apps out there. Whether you are using the app on your phone or perusing the site on your desktop computer, LinkedIn provides job seekers with the visibility they need during an online job search.

Downloading LinkedIn onto your phone puts a powerful job app at your fingers tips for use anywhere. Apply for jobs on the bus, share trending industry news while watching television, or respond to messages from hiring managers in the park. Features like Easy Apply (which allows you to apply to jobs directly from your device without attaching your resume) make this one of the best job apps out there, no matter where you are, and no matter when you are using it.


Online job boards are great, but every job seeker has experienced the frustration of spending time personalizing a resume and writing a cover letter, only to find they’ve been duped by a duplicate or outdated listing.

LinkUp indexes 50,000 employer job boards daily to ensure only the most up-to-date job ads appear in your job search, making this one of the must-have job apps for serious job seekers. Users can save jobs, archive applications and search histories, and sign up for job alerts, which makes it much easier to keep track of what you’ve already viewed on the site’s two million jobs.

Unlike other job apps, the company promises that all of the opportunities are verified, which means no applying to spammy jobs again. The LinkUp job app is available for free on desktop, iOS, and Android.

With these five apps and extensions at your disposal, you’re that much closer to finding your dream job!

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