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3 Ways to Impress Everyone at Your First Job

Written by Peter Jones

You’re fresh out of college, talented, high-achieving, and raring to prove yourself in the big bad world of work. But the classes you’ve taken and the internships you’ve had cannot quite prepare you for the ins and outs of building a career.

If you’re just starting out, these three tips can be invaluable to catapulting yourself to job success.

Tell them who you are

Your personal story is as much a part of your career as it is your online presence. Who are you? What do you do? Where are you heading? Start defining your fantasy career arc and slowly start to make it happen. Remember no one else will tell your story for you. It’s your job to get it out there. And once you do, managers will take notice. The clearer you are, the better your chances of being considered for exciting opportunities down the line.

Lead from day one

Don’t dress for the entry-level position you just landed, dress for the job you ultimately want. Show up as a leader first, and an employee second. Don’t get too big for your britches, but make a good impression at every possible opportunity. Take care with how you dress and speak and network. Own your rung of the ladder until you outgrow it!

Take charge of your career

No one will do it for you. You’re not a victim. If you didn’t get assigned a project you wanted, or you didn’t get the big promotion, ask yourself what you could do differently next time—not why your boss was so unfair. Part of being a leader is proving you can react well to difficult situations and find a constructive way to grow. Take risks, keep learning, and keep your eye on the prize.

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