3 Things You Need to Do Before You Apply For a New Job

Written by Peter Jones

If your current job isn’t keeping you challenged and on your toes, stepping out into the field might be a great idea. So take a deep breath, make sure you’re sure you want to quit your job, and do the following three things.

1. Re-evaluate your current gig

What did you love about this job? Can you remember why you were excited about it in the first place? What did you learn? These questions will help you to make the best choice about your next gig. By being honest about the good and bad aspects of your current job, you’ll know better what you’re really looking for with your next.

2. Don’t burn any bridges

You need to look for new connections and new mentors, but you also need to keep up the relationships you already have. Be as active as possible in recruiting new talent into your network, and getting yourself out there in your new industry or work group, but don’t let your existing network fizzle. You’ll never know when you might need those contacts.

3. Come out in the open

The hardest part will be telling your current boss that you are leaving—or thinking about leaving. But it is much better to be up front about this. It’s the classy and professional move. Your boss will thank you for the lead time to fill your position—and a month to six weeks notice is much better than the standard two.

As long as you’re honest with yourself and your current boss, you can walk clear-eyed and contented into your next opportunity.

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