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3 Scams to Avoid When Job Hunting

Written by Peter Jones

Job hunting can be hard enough, and sometimes it feels as though the world must simply be against you. In the following three cases, at least, you would be right. These notable scams target job hunters at their most vulnerable. Learn them and remember them, so as not to be suckered in by predators taking advantage of your desperation to get hired.

Scam #1: Application Fees

Being out of work can be humiliating enough; don’t fall victim to a scam this outlandish. This is illegal in most states, and could even be considered a form of discrimination. If a company, even an employment agency or placement service, asks for this, you’ll know immediately that it cannot be trusted. Stick to reputable channels.

Scam #2: Identity Thieves

As if it’s not enough to have to be on the lookout for people trying to take your money, you should probably also watch out for anyone trying to get any personal information they could use for identity theft purposes. No job will ask you for your social security number, for example, until the hiring process has already begun. Do not disclose this information any sooner.

Scam #3: The Recruiter is Overly Enthusiastic

Meeting an enthusiastic recruiter can feel like gift from the heavens. Still, it’s best to be wary. It could very well be too good to be true. Avoid giving out any personal information here too, and ask as many questions up front as you can. That way you’ll never think you’re going in for a fancy “marketing” job to stand around giving out smoothie samples in the mall.

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