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3 Personal Branding Tips for Enhancing Your “Elevator Speech”


Dorothy Tannahill-Moran over at CareerRealism, has some great tips for presenting yourself in a succinct, persuasive and professional manner!

1. Develop Your Email Signature

Alas the days of clipart and "~~~~~~+~~~~~~+~~~~+" are gone (or should be, seriously), but if you aren't taking advantage of your email client's signature function to end every email with your name, job title, and contact info (including any networking-friendly social media profiles), you're missing an opportunity. Tannahill-Moran recommends using a signature as a venue for your elevator pitch; I'd say keep it short and sweet like a resume objective line.

2. Use Your Business Card as a Sales Tool

I love this tip—I have a book project in the works and I actually made separate business cards for it, with an image and title on the front and a description in the back. You could condense your elevator pitch onto the back of your business cards or distill it down into a line between your name and contact info.

3. LinkedIn Profile

This is an obvious one—you can decide whether you include your elevator pitch like a mini cover letter or feature it as the first comment in the summary section. This allows recruiters and hiring managers to quickly scan your profile and identify what you have to offer and what you're looking for.

 How To Extend Your Personal Brand With An Elevator Speech

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