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15 Promising Seasonal Jobs to Apply for this Fall and Winter

Written by Peter Jones

Need to make a few extra dollars this season? While there’s always the option to get a gig as Santa’s Little Helper at the mall, there are lots of other options too.

Here are 15 promising and interesting seasonal opportunities—all of them temporary and with flexible schedules.

1. Election Clerk

Needless to say, it’s a big year for elections. Starting in November, there are lots of jobs for clerks to oversee the election process.

2. Family Programs Supervisor

Lots of families hold events in the holiday season. Get a job as a staff member or event organizer, depending on your skills.

3. Fly Casting Instructor

Have a fly casting hobby? Turn that hobby into a part-time job teaching what you like best to those who want to know.

4. Forms Developer

Forms are always floating around out there. Help make sure they comply with local, state, and federal specifications by helping to compare and mark-up forms needing to be changed.

5. HR Administrator

HR departments always need assistants—even (and sometimes especially) on a part-time or seasonal basis.

6. IT Support Center Coordinator

There are almost always short-term support jobs offered in the fall and winter in IT centers.

7. Performer

Again, many families and companies host events or parties. Many of these will be entertainment. You have a talent or skill you could use to perform at some of these?

8. Print Quality Design Architect

There are lots of extra holiday print jobs out there. Companies will have opportunities for those qualified to help with the extra work load.

9. Production Design

Some companies might need extra help with production design—processing, proofreading, and typesetting, etc.

10. Admissions Reader

Institutions and organizations with admissions processes always need preliminary readers.

11. Sales Associate

Retail has its biggest time of the year over the holiday season. There are more shoppers and more opportunities for temporary sales work.

12. Christmas Support Elf

Santa needs help! If you’re up for it, don your elf costume and go help the big man out!

13. Retail Visual Merchandiser

Retail pumps up their game for the holidays. Put your creative/aesthetic mind to work helping them show off their merchandise with a seasonal gig.

14. Senior Tax Associate

Reliable tax accountants are always in demand, particularly as we round the corner into the new year and inch closer to tax time.

15. Ski Instructor

Love to ski? Why not make money teaching new skiers to love your hobby too?

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