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Top 13 Jobs With The Fastest Growing Salaries

Written by Peter Jones

in the past year, the average american worker’s salary has gone up 2.5%. but that’s the average. some workers in certain fields actually saw much larger increases in 2016.

here are the 13 jobs that saw the highest pay increases.

1. communications manager

communication managers saw an average salary increase from 2015 to 2016 of 5%, raising their median base pay from $80k to $84k. communications managers need a bachelor’s degree in communications or pr plus several years experience, and spend their time overseeing internal and external messaging for their organizations.

2. underwriter

underwriters decide who gets a mortgage, based on the applicant’s credit, capacity, and collateral. the job requires a high school diploma, plus an education program and the passing of an exam. they also saw an average pay increase last year of 5%, from $57k to $60k.

3. case manager

case managers work in health care to provide guidance and action plans for people coping with complex medical situations. they can be rns, social workers, pts, and most employers prefer at least an associate’s degree in human services or social work. this position saw an average increase of 6%, from over $42k to $45k.

4. marketing coordinator

this position also saw an increase of 6%, from over $42k to $45k. these folks assist marketing managers in different ways, from company to company. to get this job, you’ll want a bachelor’s degree in marketing and have some experience at the entry-level or as an intern.

5. claims adjuster

claims adjusters assess damages done to properties for insurance companies. they need a bachelor’s degree in finance, insurance, or business, plus intern or entry-level experience in the field, and to pass a licensure exam. but this position saw a 6% pay increase, from $45k to nearly $48k.

6. admissions representative

a bachelor’s degree (in education, admissions, customer services, or sales) is required to recruit and inform potential applicants for colleges, but this position saw a 7% increase in median base pay, from $42k to nearly $45k.

7. data analyst

data analysts work across a wide variety of industries, interpreting data and providing insight to companies on how to make informed business decisions. the average pay increase last year was 7%, from just under $61k to $65k per year.

8. media planner

media planners are in charge of digital media campaigns—from soup to nuts—and often work within ad agencies. they need a bachelor’s degree in the liberal arts, plus experience starting out in the field, usually as an assistant media buyer. the average pay increase last year was 7%, from over $42k to $45k.

9. registered nurse (rn)

registered nurses also saw an average increase of 7%, from over $63k to $68k per year. this position requires an associate’s degree in nursing, and applicants must pass a national licensing exam.

10. recruiter

recruiters put job seekers into jobs, working to please both future employees and their employers. think of them as the matchmakers of the business world. they typically have a bachelor’s degree in hr, or a certification in that field, plus some experience. but their pay increase last year was 7%, from $42k to $45k per year.

11. implementation consultant

another 7% increase, from $70k to $75k per year. this position requires several years’ experience, plus a bachelor’s degree in computer science or it, but can work across a wide variety of industries, helping them to develop their software or hardware applications.

12. sales manager

sales managers saw a whopping 11% pay increase from 2015 to 2016, from ~$66k to $73k per year. they need a bachelor’s degree and a few years experience as a sales rep, but then they oversee their own teams and start raking in the cash.

13. certified nursing assistant (cna)

certified nursing assistants report to nurses, giving hands-on care to medical patients. they don’t need a college degree, but they do need to go through an accredited cna program to get credentialed. they also saw an amazing 11% increase in pay, from $45k to $50k per year.

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