11 Pieces of Career Advice No One Tells You

Written by Randy Stancovici

Most people have decent jobs. They get up in the morning, grind out their 9-5, head home, and then do it all over again the next day.

There’s nothing wrong with simply having a job. You need a job for food, clothes, shelter, etc. But if you’re someone that is looking for something more , and you’re stuck in a 9-5 rut, then you’re probably not happy with just having a job.

You’ve probably noticed videos all over your social media showcasing successful people talking about their passion and how that connects to their success.

For instance, successful people like Warren Buffet believe that the key to success is finding your passion. And while that may sound cliche and cheesy, we should remember that these people get up every morning, excited for the day. They look at every day as a new opportunity to affect thousands of people through their work. Clearly, these people are onto something.

Here is what they understand that the average person doesn’t.



Source: [medium.com]

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About the author

Randy Stancovici

Randy graduated Baruch College with his BBA in Marketing in 2016. He is the Content Strategist for PandoLogic, where he is involved in content marketing, promotion, and SEO.

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