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10 Jobs Where You Can Telecommute and Make a Great Salary

Written by Peter Jones

Want to work at home and still feel like a mover and shaker? Telecommuting doesn’t have to be mindless and dull. Here are 10 surprisingly interesting and challenging telecommuting jobs where you can work from home, not be bored to tears, and earn a living.

1. Offshore and Marine Travel Consultant

If you’ve got service skills, plus a travel or military background, then this could be a good gig for you. You’ll need plenty of experience managing international and domestic travel routes, experience with corporate clients, and solid marine contacts. The average salary is just over $30k per year.

2. Account Executive

If you’ve got at least three years of good sales experience, then you could work in account management, client services, or even bilingual sales—if you speak Spanish. Good organization and communication skills are a plus. And the median salary is nearly $68k per year.

3. Foreign Language Legal Researcher

Have reading fluency in another language and legal experience? You could help law firms out evaluating regulations and industry developments as well as researching and updating databases. Legal researchers on average make just over $46k per year, with a median salary well over $60k.

4. Senior Threat Researcher

If you’ve got a solid background in software development, understand reverse engineering, “exploit and attack” development, and have a good handle on rooting out abnormalities and detecting cyber threats? Take your Windows, OSX, and Linux savvy and collect a median salary of nearly $97k per year.

5. DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineers should be fluent in at least one programming language and have a solid engineering or software development background. You’d be building the back end of company’s websites and tracking performance. Median annual salary: over $89k.

6. Events Manager

You can work from anywhere, but you’ll need some solid communication, service, event planning, nonprofit, and possibly sports and fitness experience to help you manage all the budgets, logistics, recruiting, and marketing (etc.) aspects of the job. Not to mention at least three years experience. The median salary is over $74.5k per year.

7. Speech/Language Pathologist

You’ll need a Masters in speech language pathology and a national certificate, but you can work remotely, helping K-12 students through online platforms. The median annual salary is just under $70k.

8. Head of Design

If you have at least five years of great experience as a product designer and are well versed in both graphic and web design, you can lead a team of collaborating designers and make a whopping median annual salary of about $175k per year.

9. RN for Nurse Advice Line Triage

You’ll need an RN license plus three years of solid and relevant nursing experience in a clinical environment that deals with acute patient care (emergency or ICU, etc.), but you can work remotely providing care to patients on help lines. The median salary is just over $68k per year.

10. Product Manager

If you have an IT with securities service experience and at least three years under your belt in product management, you can provide driving and support service for a number of employers and telecommute. The median annual salary is just around $61k.

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