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Program Coordinator, Regional Initiatives

companyNew England Foundation for the Arts
locationBoston, MA 02118, USA
PublishedPublished: 5/26/2023

Title: Program Coordinator, RegionalInitiatives 
Reports to: Program Manager, Regional Grants& Initiatives 
Position Type:  Exempt, Full-Time, On-site orHybrid (not remote) 

About the New England Foundation for the Arts

The New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) is a 501(c)3organization with an annual budget of $11.25 million. NEFA investsin artists and communities and fosters equitable access to thearts, enriching the cultural landscape in New England and thenation. 

As an organization, NEFA values an equitable, diverse, andinclusive world, which we interpret as all people having fairaccess to the tools and resources they need to realize creative andcommunity endeavors. We acknowledge structural inequities haveexcluded individuals and communities from opportunities based onrace, gender, disability, sexual orientation, class, age, andgeography and strive to counter those inequities in ourwork. 

NEFA is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and isinvested in creating an equitable and inclusive working environmentand organizational culture. We are committed to hiring individualswho share, value, and support these goals, and who reflect thediversity of the communities we serve. NEFA does not discriminateon the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity orexpression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age,veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

About the Position

The Program Coordinator, Regional Initiatives providesadministrative support to two new multi-year initiatives incollaboration with NEFA’s fellow Regional Arts Organizations(RAOs). These new grant programs will support arts organizationsfounded by, with, and for communities of color to achieve greaterorganizational resilience in the face of strategic challengesthrough investment of funding, network building, and technicalassistance.

The Program Coordinator is a proactive, solutions-oriented teammember. The role ensures that projects flow smoothly andsuccessfully in an environment where the pace varies seasonally.They have a strong ability to prioritize and keep multiple projectsrunning at once, in addition to providing responsive support toconstituents in a wide variety of communities. The ProgramCoordinator will be a key contributor in promoting, evaluating, andenhancing NEFA’s commitments to equity, diversity, inclusion, andaccessibility in program and grantmaking practices.

The Program Coordinator reports to the Program Manager, RegionalGrants & Initiatives and will collaborate closely with theSenior Program Director, New England Presenting & Touring andthe Program Coordinator, New England Presenting & Touring.

This is a new role which will evolve over time. 

Essential Functions - % of Time  Grant Administration –40% 

  • Support the launch and implementation of two new grantinitiatives supporting arts organizations founded by, with, and forcommunities of color; 
  • Provide technical assistance, information, and other support toapplicants and grantees; 
  • Assist grant recipients with reporting and submission ofnecessary documentation; 
  • Process and maintain grant records in Salesforce CRM includingcreating application forms, testing online grant forms, monitoringapplications, archiving grant-related correspondence, tracking andreviewing grantee reports, collecting grant payment info, andmaintaining campaigns in Salesforce; 
  • Perform regular data cleaning and maintenance in Salesforce;work in partnership with the Technology & Data team to ensuredata integrity;  
  • Prepare application review materials including the panelistreviewer portal and provide tech support to panelists; 
  • Coordinate the preparation and distribution of grant award anddeclined notifications;  
  • Provide support for the New England Presenting & Touringgrant application processing as needed. 

Program Coordination – 40%  

  • Assist with program and panel meetings, including scheduling,tracking attendance, technical needs, notetaking, and otherlogistical details; 
  • Coordinate event planning for grantee cohort meetings andprofessional development, including catering, venue rental,accessibility services, event registration, supportingevent-related communications, and preparing day-of eventlogistics. 
  • Support programmatic partnerships beyond grantmaking such asprofessional development and field buildingcollaborations; 
  • Support program documentation, evaluation and research staffand contractors to assess program impact; 
  • Collaborate with the Creative Economy team on relationshipbuilding and regional opportunities. 

Communications & External Relations – 10%  

  • Respond to phone and email inquiries from constituents, whiledeveloping and maintaining relationships; 
  • Support positive relationships with funders and nationalpartners; 
  • Provide grantee testimonials to development staff for funderreports; 
  • Review and manage images submitted by grantrecipients; 
  • Prepare presentation materials for workshops, conferences,webinars, and regional events. 

Connecting & Learning – 10%  

  • Represent the program and organization at conferences,meetings, performances, and other events; report on learning andoutcomes; 
  • Participate in organization-wide convenings and events,planning sessions, and working groups. 

Scope  Does this position supervise others? 


Internal/External Contacts

Maintain and support positive relationships with a variety ofexternal constituents including grant applicants, grantees, programadvisors and partners, event participants, and event vendors, aswell as with internal NEFA staff. Support a cohort of grantees madeup of arts organizations founded by, with, and for communities ofcolor and connect them to contacts, networks, and resources thatsupport their professional development and organizationalcapacity. 

Engage and collaborate in all New England programs at NEFA, witha particular focus and cross-training in the New England Presenting& Touring area. 

Financial/Operational Resources Impacted


Decision Making/Problem Solving

Support program and meeting coordination; provide responsive andcompassionate customer service and technical assistance to allprogram applicants and participants; communicate effectively withinternal and external program partners, advisors, and constituents;analyze current program processes to develop and implement newprocedures and guidelines; proactively finds solutions; contributeto program and departmental planning.  

Starting Salary: $60,000 

$60,000 is the starting salary for coordinator level positionsat NEFA in FY24. 

Opportunities for Advancement

At the beginning of their tenure, staff in coordinator levelpositions should set performance, development, and skill-buildinggoals with their supervisor based on the expectations of theposition. After two (2) years of employment, and with documentedprogress on their performance goals (as evaluated by their directsupervisor), employees at the coordinator level may be consideredfor promotion. 

Qualifications  Required

  • 2 - 4 years of work experience, preferably in an administrativesetting; past work in front-facing customer/constituentsupport; 
  • Understanding of systems of oppression in the arts and beyond,with a strong commitment to implementing anti-racistpractices; 
  • Excellent organizational and customer service skills, includingstrong attention to detail, ability to meet deadlines,problem-solve, and to shift focus based on priorities; anticipatesand takes action to meet key project milestones; 
  • Adaptability to new software and virtual workflows, experiencewith Salesforce or a comparable CRM a plus; 
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office suite; experience usingproject management tools, particularly Asana preferred; 
  • Experience with planning and executing events andmeetings;  
  • Ability to work both independently andcollaboratively; 
  • Excellent communication written and verbal communicationskills; ability to communicate in languages beyond English aplus; 
  • Ability to work, grow, and thrive within a team-basedenvironment and comfort working with and navigating the dynamics ofmultiple teams; 
  • Ability to work on-site in the NEFA office at least one (1) dayper week; 
  • Ability to travel to represent NEFA at events and meetingsthroughout New England; 
  • Appreciation for and identification with NEFA’s mission,vision, and values and interest in engaging in work to advanceNEFA’s organizational goals, including those centering equity,diversity, intersectionality, and accessibility. 


  • A valid driver’s license; 
  • Personal and/or professional familiarity with New England’sgeographic and social communities. 

Workplace Requirements 

NEFA is a multi-state organization and an evolving and dynamicworkplace. NEFA staff work in a variety of contexts, includingin-person in Boston and remotely across New England and New York.For this position we welcome applications from individuals who areinterested in working in-person or hybrid schedules who currentlyor will reside within a reasonable commuting distance that allowsfor at least one (1) day in the office per week for in-person teammeetings at NEFA’s office in Boston. This is not a remoterole. 

Physical/Mental Demands

Stationary position, occasional lifting (up to 15 lbs.),occasional travel (local/regional, including to events during hoursoutside 9-5 work hours), reasoning, decision-making, detailed work,communication, organization skills, reading,processing.  

Application Instructions 

All candidates will apply using the application format ask all candidates to submit a current resume and a cover letterdescribing their interest in and preparedness for the role, and torespond to a limited set of questions about relevant skills.Contact information to request accessibility accommodations toparticipate in the application or hiring process is listed on thewebpage above. 

The deadline to apply for this position is Friday, June23, 2023. Applications will be reviewed as they arereceived, and we encourage interested candidates to apply prior tothe deadline. Applications received after the deadline may not bereviewed if the existing candidate pool is deemed sufficient.Requests for initial phone interviews will go out approximately oneweek after the application deadline.  

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