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Business and Finance Director, Conservation Industry - Remote

companyAmphibian and Reptile Conservancy
locationLouisville, KY 40291, USA
PublishedPublished: 1/27/2024
Work From Home

The Role of the Business & Finance Director

The Business & Finance Director (BFD) provides leadershipand direction for business, financial, and administrative systemsincluding:

  • Playing a key leadership role in the expansion of theorganization. The BFM will be a strategic thought partner andmember of the senior leadership team.
  • Overseein­­g financial activities, procedures, and policies.The BFM will oversee all finance and accounting functions, managebookkeeping staff/contractors, monitor organizational finances andperformance, and advise the senior leadership team.
  • Monitoring risk management and compliance such as reviewingcontracts, handling insurance, and managing fiscal sponsorshipprograms.
  • Managing human resources functions, from performanceimprovement practices to ensuring compliance to supportingsupervisors and staff members.
  • Designing, implementing, and managing benefits packages foremployees that align with ARC’s values, comply with legalrequirements and nonprofit best practices, and supportorganizational sustainability.

General Administration (15%)

  • Develop general business processes, including implementation ofoperational policies and procedures in accordance with nonprofitbest practices.
  • Manage administrative systems and tools, including GoogleWorkspace, Dropbox, LastPass, and other business services.

Financial Management (40%)

  • Directly supervise bookkeeping staff and payroll services.Manage the relationships and work of the independent CPA andauditor.
  • Analyze and present financial reports in an accurate and timelymanner; clearly communicate monthly and annual financialstatements; collate financial reporting materials for all donorsegments; and oversee all financial, project/program, and grantsaccounting.
  • Coordinate and lead the annual audit process and tax reporting;liaise with external auditors, accountants, and the FinanceCommittee; and assess and implement changes as needed.
  • Oversee and lead annual budgeting and planning process inconjunction with the Executive Director; administer and review allfinancial plans and budgets; monitor progress and changes; and keepsenior leadership team abreast of the organization’s financialstatus.
  • Implement and manage a robust contracts management andfinancial management/ reporting system; ensure adherence to thecontract billing and collection schedule; and ensure financial dataand cash flow are steady and support operational requirements.
  • Update and implement all necessary business policies,accounting practices, and financial policies and proceduresaccording to audit standards and IRS rules.
  • Ensure that expenditures subject to restrictions comply withgrant agreements, donor intent, and internal policies, and thatbookkeeping records support and meet related requirements.
  • Ensure the accurate and timely completion of monthly closings,monitor and enforce compliance with tax and financial reportingstandards, and assist with cash flow forecasting.
  • Effectively communicate and present the critical financialmatters to the board of directors and support the efforts of theFinance Committee.

Human Resources (25%)

  • Support the hiring, training, and ongoing supervision of staffto ensure best employment practices and legal compliance.
  • Act as an HR resource and mentor to leadership and teammembers. Partner with managers in all employee relation activitiesincluding Performance Improvement Plans, coaching, steps ofdiscipline, and termination.
  • On- and off-board all employees, including background checksand managing benefits.
  • Manage and ensure compliance of employee recordkeeping relatedto recruitment, hiring, performance, timesheets, leave records,benefits, and termination.
  • Assess, implement, and manage employee benefits.

Risk Management & Compliance (20%)

  • Monitor the organization’s overall policies, practices, andactions for risk and compliance issues, and provide input andleadership to address any concerns.
  • Review all contracts and liaise with attorney(s) asneeded.
  • Manage the organization’s insurance, including maintainingpolicies and complying with their provisions, handling claims, anddealing with insurance agencies.
  • Manage state business and charity registrations, includinghandling related services.
  • Monitor inventory and manage purchasing processes of suppliesand equipment.
  • Maintain ARC’s electronic file system in compliance with theDocument Retention Policy.
  • Maintain copyrights and trademarks and ensure proper licensingreleases and intellectual property agreements.
  • Assess, implement, and manage policies and procedures for theFiscal Sponsorship Programs with an eye toward legal and riskmanagement issues. Monitor legal and compliance issues related tofiscal sponsorship agreements.

Required skills

  • Collection - Finance
  • Payroll
  • Bookkeeping
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