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Senior Medical Billing Specialist & Advisor

companyWellness Works Management Partners
locationLargo, FL, USA
PublishedPublished: 6/14/2022
Full Time

Job Description

Wellness Works Medical Billing is excited to announce we are accepting candidates for the role of Senior Medical Billing Specialist & Advisor as we continue to GROW! Wellness Works Management Partners is a deconstructed MSO in which our cornerstone is offering medical billing to private practices under our brand Wellness Works Medical Billing.


  • Please ensure you understand that this role does not include any benefits (no medical/dental/vision/retirement & does not offer any paid time off.
  • Sometimes the job boards add incorrect info so please ensure you read this carefully - no benefits or paid time off.


  • Wellness Works Management Partners specializes in working with Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy outpatient practices throughout the United States.
  • Our organization is fast growing and we are looking for experienced Senior Medical Billers who have expertise working with the private sector of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy.
  • This role operates in a very independent environment so it requires lots of previous relevant experience and a strength in working part of a medical billing agency.
  • This role handles all RCM functions front and back for 3-10 separate practices independently depending on the size of each practice. Please be advised that we are hiring for growth so we are extremely particular in ensuring optimum fit between our organization and candidates. We want this role to be one that you want to retire at both in earning potential and long-term meaningful employment!
  • This role requires someone who is at a point in their career where they can work 40+ hours per week consistently during daytime hours - Monday through Friday.
  • There is no paid time off and a limit of 2 weeks of requested time off per year where coverage of accounts is needed.
  • This is a W2 Non-Exempt Employee Role - All Employees Must Be Residents Of Florida, Texas, or Maryland.
  • Our ideal candidate is AAPC-certified as a Medical Biller or AHIMA-certified as a Medical Biller.
  • Our ideal candidate brings at least 5 years of experience in full RCM experience for OT/PT/SLP Outpatient Clinics
  • Our ideal candidate has a strong track record of work retention and recent employment is at minimum 5 years of work retention
  • Our ideal candidate brings expertise working in a multitude of EMRs


  • This is a fully remote role, however, we are only hiring employees who are residents of Florida, Maryland, or Texas and currently reside in one of those states full-time. Please be advised that the requirement of Florida or Maryland or Texas has to do with where we are registered as an employer, have workers-compensation insurance set up, and our policies and procedures are based on regulations for each of those states.

Compensation Details: We believe in full transparency as we know that compensation is a driving force for how candidates review roles. Our goal is to attract entrepreneurial candidates who want to grow with our organization.

  • This is a full-time W-2 employment non-exempt hourly role.
  • The initial pay begins at $22-$26 per hour (earning potential: $44k-$85k based on skills, certifications, & revenue)
  • There are growth opportunities and earning potential based on the revenue generated
  • The role is M-F - daytime hours (40+ hours per week based on # of practices and revenue the role is supporting)
  • This role does not include any medical, dental, vision or retirement benefits

Benefit Details:

  • Please be advised that this role does not offer any traditional benefits (i.e. medical/dental/vision)
  • We do offer AAPC licensure renewal benefits, CEU benefits, and professional development bonuses.
  • Please be advised that there is no paid time off
  • Please be advised that we have a strict policy that limits more than 10 days off of unpaid time per year due to our commitment to each and every one of our patients
  • We do offer bonuses based on growth of revenue

We know that we are looking for a diamond in the rough! We have an extremely high bar. We get hundreds of resumes but truly looking for a game changer who believes they have the experience, work ethic, and drive to create an abundance of value in which their professional goals will be easily exceeded within our fast-paced growing environment!

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