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Training Analyst

companyPatriot Enterprises LLC
locationUniversal City, TX, USA
PublishedPublished: 6/14/2022
Full Time

Job Description

Training Analyst

Training Analyst will ensure individual records for all case managers within the organization are maintained based upon specific training requirements, requirements that have been met, and a schedule of upcoming training events that are to be completed. Training Analyst will host new hire orientation training, quarterly professional development training, and annual training, while tracking compliance and projected government training requirements such as Information Assurance, etc. Training Analyst will ensure training standards are achieved and maintained for all program personnel through training packages and provide the PM regular reports on case managers who require further training and coordinate with supervisors to examine performance of individuals and adjust training methods as necessary to ensure compliance.

Training Analyst shall attend a three-day (travel is normally Monday and Friday and course held Tuesday through Thursday) government provided, AFW2 Initial Orientation. Every contractor employee will receive this training within 60 days of starting work barring any unforeseen circumstance.

Job Duties:

  • Training lead for the Training Management Team (TMT). The TMT will consist of Regional Team Leads, The Support Team Lead and the Enrollment & Travel Team Lead.
  • Shall research, receive, solicit, analyze, edit, and develop training material necessary for AFW2 Care Management and Support Programs. Development and design all aspects of training to meet mission requirements identified by the government. Shall coordinate the development of each training event agenda with the COR-RA or designated instructor as appropriate.
  • Design training with a purpose to transform relevant content into concise, behavioral objectives, creating an instructional "blueprint" that will direct the development of all training materials, tests, and methods and conduct annual training.
  • All training developed and conducted shall be submitted and approved by the government prior to any commitment of funds, resources, or personnel. Exception: Traumatic Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (TSGLI) program contract support training will be provided and managed by the Air Force Casualty Matters Division and Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • In accordance with the SOP, the trainer shall schedule training locations, prepare agendas, set up training environment, and practice the presentation to ensure delivery of training sessions.
  • Shall perform monthly training needs assessments to identify the educational and training requirements for AFW2 personnel and submit to the government representative, the training status report, training needs assessments, and recommendations on the 3rd day of each month.
  • Shall submit a formal training plan NLT 30 calendar days after full assumption of task order and identify contractors who require further training to maintain compliance and quality standards.
  • If revisions are necessary, shall make any required changes/corrections and submit final revised training documents to the COR- RA within 5 business days of receipt of changes/corrections.
  • Shall develop tools to track associated tasks, metrics, and other staff requirements.
  • Shall maintain the minimum standard as determined by the COR-RA on goals related to program data and will maintain a timeliness rating of 95%
  • Shall submit government determined data (metrics) monthly for inclusion in monthly metrics report to aid in oversite of each program.
  • Shall conduct a training needs' assessments when job performance problems are identified.
  • Shall administer a survey and shall use the results and other relevant training observations and/or assessments to modify training initiatives.

Required Skills/Qualifications:

  • Ability to identify goals and objectives for all trainings that are implemented.
  • Professional public speaking skills.
  • Be familiar with instructional strategies, media selection, types of training materials, evaluation methods, and design documents.
  • Strong skills in Microsoft excel, Word, PowerPoint, and outlook.
  • Experience with working logistical arrangements, such as scheduling a training place, preparing an agenda, setting up the training environment, and even practicing the presentation ensure delivery of a training session that captures trainee interest.

Required Education Level:

  • Bachelor's degree related to training.


  • relevant three to five years of work experience in training assessment, development, and execution.
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