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Land Survey Field Technician

locationBryan, TX, USA
PublishedPublished: 6/14/2022
Full Time

Job Description

Mission: (Why we exist as a company)

“When one person stands to gain over another, the facts must be uncovered.”
We believe that is the essential role of a survey company. We find the facts. We are not the mediator. Attorneys can discuss the meaning and implications of the facts that we uncover, and decisions can be made after the facts are known, but someone has to be willing to discover the truth.
Our great state has been under the rule of six different sovereigns, each with equally complex legal principles. Discovering the truth, and making good decisions isn’t always simple.

To protect the lands of Texas
Building on our reputation that began in 1986 here in Brazos County, our vision is to grow the company to cover all of Texas within the next 10 years. That’s aggressive, but possible. Our plan is to create a culture 1st brand where people matter and quality is a priority. That means a lot of room for growth and opportunity for our staff.

Core Values: (How we operate as a company)
We took some time to articulate the culture and values that matter to us as a company. Culture isn’t having bean bag chairs, foosball tables, or free lunches in the company cafeteria (Although we do love Fuego tacos on Friday mornings.) Below is a list of our values along with a brief description of what each one means to us:

Call Brad when you’re stuck: We once had someone get stuck in a company truck. Instead of calling the office, he called another crew to pull him out. That crew got stuck also. In the end, they called the office and it got handled, but wasted a lot of time. This value is about creating a judgement free zone. It’s ok to make mistakes here. Just let us know so we can help get it fixed. This also means that leadership has to create an environment that is safe to share what went wrong. You’ll be a part of this.

Everyone’s welcome at the party: While we do work hard, we also want to have some fun at the party… where everyone is welcome. This is more than just saying you are welcome to be here, but actually feeling it to be true.

Tree to Tree (Close enough) isn’t real: For some, “Good enough” is good enough. Where others may have cut corners, it is important that we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Just because there’s a fence there, that doesn’t mean it’s real. Let’s do the work and dig deep, even when it would be easier to call it.

Real facts, good opinions: Our work is about precision, and then, making a decision based on information that has been in flux since the 1800s. Texas was once under the rule of six flags, with equally complicated rules for land surveying. We embrace the chaos, while making good judgements about the facts.

Treasure hunters that share the map: if we share what we know, we all grow.

Don’t move the stones: We respect traditions of the past and know that rules exist for a reason. While we seek to improve, we know that there are boundaries that are to be respected.

Travel the untamed frontier: Survey work can be rough, and every job comes with a certain amount of adventure. You have to be ok with uncertainty and working in the elements to truly enjoy the profession. This also applies to learning new things, growing as people, and wanting to improve in all areas of life.

Our office is located in Aggieland (Bryan/College Station, in Brazos County, within the Texas Triangle of Dallas, Austin, and Houston, is a great community to raise a family. It isn’t Dallas, or Austin, or Houston. But we think it’s special and hope that you will love it too. If you are an Aggie that wants to return home, you will appreciate the unique environment here and what it can mean for quality of life for you and family.
This community is growing, and so are we. Our plans call for us to hire close to 100 people over the next 10 years.

The Office:
The rest of this job posting attempts to describe the company that we aspire to be. To get there, we need good people and are committed to doing what it takes to improve and accomplish our goals. A “Culture 1st Brand” is what we are building, where we are focusing on a culture of accountability and performance… where people (and how they are treated) matter. If you’ve ever worked somewhere that didn’t provide both, you know how powerful that is when you go home from work each day.
Every three months we take time away from work to meet for strategic planning. Together, every member of the team is invited to share what’s working, (what isn’t), and to contribute to a worthwhile goal of becoming better as people, as a team, and as a company.
We do have fun, but we also get work done. Movie references sometimes can break the tension of a rough day while eloquently summarizing a situation to make it easier to understand.

Normal Job Description Details:

  • Survey Types We Currently Provide:
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Land Title Surveys (Though not a title mill)
  • ALTA Surveys
  • Land Boundary Surveys
  • Partition Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Surveying for Platting purposes
  • Form Surveys
  • As-Built Surveys of all sizes and scope
  • Construction Surveying and Staking
  • Elevation Certificates
  • Utility Surveying and Staking
  • Building Envelope

We use Carlson Survey, are improving our benefits, offer health insurance, financial performance bonuses when the company does well, and some other cool things that no one else offers.

**Note we are looking to hire for this position Summer 2024

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