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Vehicle Technician

companyChatham Emergency Services
locationSavannah, GA, USA
PublishedPublished: 6/14/2022
Full Time

Job Description

The Vehicle/Station Technician will ensure ambulances are thoroughly washed, inspected and stocked according to inventory checkoff sheet. The technician will be the first step in providing exceptional care for our patients. Utilizing the training and tools to account for every asset, utility,
and supply to meet the goal of a mission ready division of ambulances and restocking stations minimizing in service/EOS time from field crews.
The vehicle/station technician direct supervisor is The Logistics Officer.


 Utilizing the supplies provided wash the exterior of the ambulance to present our
professional image to the public before we ever get to the scene.
 Inspect the fluid levels of all operators' daily checks in accordance with the vehicles service
manual. The technician will visualize each dip stick at the appropriate engine temperature for each check, ensuring the color, cleanliness, and amount is within the operating range.
 Utilizing the check off sheet inspect the function of the operational and emergency lights, siren/horn, heat/air, tires, documenting any damage or failed check.
 Utilizing the check off sheet to account for, inspect, test, stock, and document assets maintained on each ambulance.
 Stock to par medical supplies, using a uniform approach organize each cabinet, kit, bag or compartment checking for expiration dates, compromised or incomplete items to be replaced.
 Coordinate work with other logistic personnel and team members, communicating what has been/needs done, and any special assignments that day.
 Receiving a delivery of supplies, many times a large amount palletized. Effectively and safely unpack, rotate stock, update counts and report any discrepancies.
 Complete and submit all reports, and documentation in accordance with policy and procedures
 Utilizing the training, equipment, and personal protective gear provide a clean and safe station and fleet using the UV lights and disinfecting sprayers on all surfaces that could harbor virus or bacteria.


 Ability to communicate effectively
 Lift, carry, manipulate tools, supplies, and equipment in a safe manner, wear appropriate
PPE when decontaminating, cleaning, checking fluids, or using any tool.
 Possess the ability to lift 150lbs from the ground to waist level using proper body mechanics, furthermore the ability to lift 50lbs overhead repetitively throughout a 12-hour shift.
 Valid Driver's License with an acceptable driving record, failure to self-report any changes of acceptable driving record could lead to adverse actions.
 Ability to drive an ambulance in a safe and professional manor in accordance with the laws and regulations governed by the state of Georgia and the DOT.
 The ability to make quick rational decisions at all times with safety as a priority, legality being a close second, maintaining a professional exceptional standard for core values that reflect you, your team, and have direct impacts on your community.

 Ability to work within a team environment sometimes unsupervised and independent.
 Time Management and Organizational Skills
 Flexible approach to work and shift work
Extra duties:

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