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Delivery Associate

companyMedcare Equipment Company
locationExport, PA 15632, USA
PublishedPublished: 6/14/2022
Full Time

Job Description


Job Summary:

The Delivery Associate effectively interacts with patients/clients, their families, caregivers, and members of the healthcare/HME team in providing professional home medical equipment products and services. Provides delivery, resupply, and pick-up of HME.

Actively promotes a Lean work culture by performing team member duties to encourage consistent use of LEAN principles and processes, including continually seeking work process improvements. Recognizes the necessity of taking ownership of one’s own motivation, morale, performance and professional development. Strives for behavior consistent with being committed to MedCare’s missions, vision and values.


Essential Functions: Defined as duties specific to the job, that, if removed, would change the entire purpose of the job; to include the Essential Physical Demands and Essential Working Conditions of this position.

I. Core Essential Functions:

1. Achieve a standard of excellence with work processes and outcomes, honoring MedCare policies and all regulatory requirements

2. Strive for high customer satisfaction, going out of the way to be helpful and pleasant to patients while being selfless for the well-being of the patient

3. Regular, consistent, on-site, and timely attendance

4. Helpful, respectful, approachable and team oriented, building strong working relationships and a positive work environment

5. Plan ahead, manage time well, utilizing LEAN theory during daily duties

6. Receptive to feedback, willing to learn, embrace continuous improvement and attend all required training sessions

II. Specialty Essential Functions:

1. Delivery/Returns

a. Deliver supplemental oxygen products, medical equipment, and supplies to commercial accounts as needed. Pickup and return used/unneeded equipment from home care patients/facilities.

2. Driving

a. Practice safe driving habits and proper safety precautions.

b. Work with dispatch to create most efficient delivery routes.

c. Possess and maintain good knowledge of geographical area and road conditions.

d. Responsible for vehicle and equipment while on delivery/pickup.

3. Infection Control

a. When dealing directly with customers, execute proper hand-washing technique between patients.

b. Wear gloves at all times during pick up of equipment or deliveries.

c. Identify, properly handle and dispose of hazardous materials and waste such as needles, disposables, which have had contact with bodily fluids.

d. Bag all dirty equipment and isolate it from clean equipment in vans and the warehouse.

e. Appropriately tag known infectious equipment and cover with biohazard bag.

4. Patient/Customer Interaction

a. Complete appropriate forms when completing returns and delivering consignment goods.

b. Communicate with our company when seeing a change in patient status and/or environment. Observe and report customer needs, rental equipment problems, competitor actions and ideas to improve services.

c. Report safety concerns to manager and Quality Team.

5. Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Plan

a. Maintain knowledge of basic home safety.

b. Know your role in detail as a part of the company's emergency preparedness and disaster plan. Know and follow the emergency response time policies and procedures.

6. Oxygen Delivery and Safety

a. Know and follow all company policies and procedures and safety regulations.

b. Be especially aware of customer needs in oxygen, providing proper back-up and implementing proper safety procedures and handling.

7. Motivation and Management.

a. Provide motivational atmosphere for team and lead by example.

b. Assist in organizing and managing effective team meetings.

c. Assist in developing inexperienced team members.

d. Be assertive at positively resolving conflict situations.

8. Quality Assurance

a. Verify serial numbers/quantities/item numbers with accuracy during delivery and pickup.

b. Thorough documentation on all equipment/supplies to include PAR levels and quantities.

9. Parts and Equipment Inventory

a. Maintain an adequate and appropriate supply of truck stock at all times for consignment deliveries.

b. Place all items received for stock into their appropriate locations on a daily basis.

c. Maintain a neat and organized stock area on trucks.

10. Cleaning and Disinfecting Equipment

a. Maintain or assist with maintaining appropriate storage of clean and dirty equipment.

b. Return dirty equipment and keep it isolated in Dirty area until cleaned. Avoid cross traffic through clean area with dirty equipment.

c. Appropriately clean and disinfect equipment as required, utilizing the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Note items that need repair according to company procedures.

d. Follow company’s bagging and tagging procedure.

11. Customer Service and Professionalism

a. Offer compassionate and positive interactions with customers.

b. Resolve customer concerns and complaints in a constructive manner, serving as an intermediary between customer concerns and company needs.

c. Immediately investigate and resolve client problems concerning new equipment or about equipment in need of service, working to obtain 24-hour responsiveness.

d. Receive, investigate and respond quickly and professionally to all customer inquiries regarding, shipments, products, deliveries and complaints. Resolve customer concerns and complaints by identifying problems and coordinating appropriate corrective action: When customer problems and questions arise, be able to answer equipment and clinical questions to the customer’s satisfaction, maintain accurate and complete documentation of complaints and resolutions.

e. Provide skillful handling of grieving, upset or difficult customers. Work proactively with patients/clients to solve a variety of problems, acting as a company field representative.

f. Maintain proper confidentiality at all times when answering inquiries.

12. Consignment

a. Deliver consignment products to facilities, hospitals, and other locations as needed.

b. Inventory current product on hand and replenish to determined PAR levels.

c. Maintain an accurate truck stock to eliminate damage and manage loss.

d. Communicate quantities of items delivered with accuracy.

e. Act as a liaison between facilities and MedCare to communicate needs.

III. Marginal Functions: Defined as duties that are not essential in nature and do not take a considerable amount of time to complete (less than 10%).

1. Comply with all applicable company policies, procedures, and patient protocols.

2. Treat all information and data within the scope of the position with appropriate confidentiality and security and understand and adhere to all state and federally mandated standards regarding confidentiality and patient rights.

3. When necessary, provide assistance to others when workloads increase or when determined by manager

4. Take initiative in finding ways to contribute to the organization.

5. Be willingly involved in cross training, when possible.


Required Skills and Knowledge: Minimum level of education, skills and abilities necessary in performing the job.


  • HS Diploma or GED

Certification / Licensure / Regulation:

  • Valid driver's license in the state of residence with no significant infractions per Department of Motor Vehicle within 3 years
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.

Prior Experience:

  • Customer Service or equivalent experience

Other Skills and Abilities:

  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Strong leadership ability, independent thinking and decision-making ability; analytical problem-solving skills, sound judgment; excellent oral and written communication skills, must be able to function in a team environment.
  • Sound judgment, problem solving skills, strong oral and written communication skills, ability to follow directions from other team members; works independently assigned duties.
  • Ability to communicate with all members of the health care team.
  • Independent thinking and decision-making ability
  • Proficient oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize assignments.
  • Basic working knowledge of computers and office equipment

Preferred Factor:

These are job related enhancements that are preferred or would benefit the performance outcome of the job but are not essential or required for the job to exist.

  • Related training/experience in healthcare, preferably within the past five years; Delivery, sales or equivalent experience; Patient care experience preferred.
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