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Software Engineer Intern - Paid

companyEdupoint Educational Systems
locationMesa, AZ, USA
PublishedPublished: 6/14/2022
Full Time

Paid Internship!

Job Purpose:

The purpose of Edupoint's Development Staff is to create new functionality, respond to client issues, and incorporate new enhancements into the Edupoint student information system product line.

Job Summary:

Edupoint develops cutting edge Student Information Systems in the K-12 market. This position requires you to work within a proprietary framework using C# .NET to extend the business layer of our suite of web-based applications.

The ideal candidate will be hard working and have some actual experience in an object-oriented language like C#.

Job Duties:

§ Write C# code to correct defects and extend existing products

§ Learn and improve current C# coding skills as directed by management

§ Follow coding standards to meet guidelines created by Edupoint

§ Develop and execute thorough unit testing scripts to verify code changes

§ Participate in receiving peer code reviews

§ Provide feedback to management on status of job tasks

§ Other duties as assigned

Job Requirements-Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:


§ Experience using Visual Studio 2010 and above or equivalent

§ Familiarity with Microsoft Team Foundation Server is a plus

§ Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio or equivalent

§ Familiarity with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome


C# Knowledge

§ Basic working knowledge of the language with the ability to create classes, interfaces, properties and methods

§ Basic understanding of Object-Oriented concepts is a plus: Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Collections, Objects, Generics

SQL Knowledge

§ Basic of Select, Update, Delete, Inner, Outer, Order, Where


§ Basic understanding of debugging techniques and the ability to find issues like an Object not set to reference or a Property missing from XML object


§ Ability to demonstrate proficiency in C#


§ Courses in Computer Science, programming with a B average

§ At least one class in an Object-Oriented Language


§ None

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