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PublishedPublished: 6/14/2022
Customer Service
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Customer service representatives answer questions or requests from customers or the public. They typically provide services by phone, but some also interact with customers face to face, by email or text, via live chat, and through social media.

The specific duties of customer service representatives vary by industry. For example, representatives who work for utility and telecommunications companies may help customers with service problems, such as outages. Although selling a product or service is not their main job, representatives may help generate sales while providing information.

Customer service representatives typically use a telephone, computer, and other office equipment. For example, representatives who work in call centers answer the phone and use computers to explore solutions for customers.

**Working as a Customer Service Representative**

Depending on their roles, qualifications, specialization and years of experience, a customer service representative may:

* Listen to customers' questions and concerns and provide answers or responses

* Record details of customer contacts and actions taken

* Take orders, calculate charges, and process billing or payments

* Review customer accounts and make changes, if necessary

* Refer customers to supervisors or more experienced employees.

* Provide information about products and services

* Handle returns or complaints

**Additional compensation**

Cash bonus $2,000 per year Commission $6,725 per year **Most common benefits**

* Adoption assistance

* Work from home

* Tuition reimbursement

* 401(k) matching

* Flexible schedule

Search Location location Search Location location 3.2 Compensation/Benefits **Cons**Health care, pay-rate, no 401k

**Pros**The Company would provide a catered lunch once a week, provided health insurance


Written by Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) at - Hattiesburg, MS December 7, 2013 A typical day at work is real busy with back to back phone calls dealing with different personalities but the hardest part is using soft skills to upset and abusive consumers.Most enjoyable part is actually is helping the consumers and the getting a solution to their problem.

* Facebook

* Twitter

Customer service representatives are responsible for helping solve customer issues and requests. This involves specializing in customer communication using the following methods:

* Responding to customer phone calls

* Engaging with customers in-person

* Communicating with customers online via chatbots or email

* Monitoring company social media accounts and responding to customer questions and feedback on these channels

Customer service representative jobs will vary depending on the company's communication method chosen for each role.

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