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Cottage Parents (A Married Couple)

companyWest Texas Boys Ranch
locationSan Angelo, TX, USA
PublishedPublished: 6/14/2022
Full Time

Job Description

Salary: $52,000-55,000/couple/year


Opening is for a couple:

As the primary care provider, establish and maintain a healthy family environment with boys in need.  Demonstrate commitment, acceptance, friendship, affection and respect for children, consistent with the mission and goals of West Texas Boys Ranch. 

Willing to commit to the spirit and practice of the mission and goals of WTBR as expressed through the boy care program. Stable, loving marital relationship; mature, responsible role model; desire and ability to make long-term commitment to caring for boys in need, capable of establishing and maintaining rapport and understanding relationships with both boys and adults. 


  • High school graduate,
  • Ability to be a positive responsible role model. 
  • Desire to commitment and support long term to boys in need. 
  • Capable of establishing and maintaining rapport and understanding relationships with boys and adults. 
  • Must have knowledge of TDFPS and WTBR standards.


  • Establish and maintain a safe, healthy, structured, nurturing family environment for residents. 
  • Consult, plan and administer care for each boy and maintain records according to licensing standards and Ranch procedures. 
  • In the position of a role model, initiate teachings with the boys in care, which encourage independent thinking skills, willingness to trust, and the ability to rebound from mistakes. 
  • Help boys to distinguish the difference between appropriate and inappropriate thought, feelings and behaviors. 
  • Develop and maintain active positive relations with community resources, schools, churches and general public.
  • Attending and implementing a minimum of twenty hours of training per year to meet TDFPS and WTBR standards.
  • Provide essential daily living services 24 hours per day, seven days a week, including holidays.
  • Develop and implement a plan of care for each boy in consultation with WTBR casework, administrative or consultative personnel.
  • Assist in transportation of boys to and from appointments and events.
  • Obtain individual and group counseling to help each boy adjust positively, mature, grow personally and function effectively upon leaving his WTBR home.
  • Provide or obtain tutoring or redemption as appropriate for each boy as indicated by WTBR administration, caseworker, educational or consultative personnel.
  • Maintain appropriate contact, involvement with each boy’s school, work and extra activities, which the boys wish to become involved.
  • Nurture the spiritual growth of each boy and provide for the regular participation of each boy in the church life of his family or the WTBR choice.
  • Provide support to the Learning Center, Ranch Manager and Administration.
  • Other tasks, essential to the operation of the WTBR, as may be assigned
  • Assist in WTBR activities, programs and special events as needed
  • Management of cottage:
  1. Maintain financial records and turn in weekly cottage report
  2. Plan balanced and nutritional menus
  3. Shop for and prepare meals in accordance with WTBR procedures and TDFPS standards.
  4. Maintain TDFPS requirements with regard to boy’s care as well as fire, health and safety standards, housekeeping, maintenance and upkeep of the cottage, van and grounds.
  5. Maintain a file on each boy in care in your cottage. This file should include medical, physiological, school, personal and Plan of Service information.  This file should meet TDFPS and WTBR standards.
  6. Maintain communication logs on each boy in order to maintain communication with cottage parent staff, casework staff and therapist.
  7. Maintain a clothing inventory for each boy.


Requires a ten days on five days off schedule

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