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Patient Care Associate, Advance Care, PRN , Saturday and Sunday

companyUnity Health
locationSearcy, AR, USA
PublishedPublished: 6/14/2022
Full Time

Job Description

1. Education: High school graduation or equivalent required. Ability to read, use simple math skills, and write clearly and legibly.

2. Training and Experience: Previous experiences as a nursing assistant or in other patient-related position desirable but not required.

3. Job Knowledge: Ability to perform duties for direct and indirect patient care. Direct care duties include but are not limited to, assisting the patient with personal hygiene needs and observing the patient’s condition, including their vital signs, their feeding and elimination patterns. Indirect duties may include general housekeeping skills, ordering and maintenance of supplies and simple computer entry ability.

4. Safety Sensitive: YES
In the interest of protecting the health and safety of all patients, associates, and guests, Unity Health has classified some positions as “safety sensitive.” A “safety sensitive” position is any job position in which impaired performance could result in harm to the health and/or safety of self or others. Any associate that is actively engaged in the use of medical marijuana, even if in possession of a valid medical marijuana card, will be excluded from employment in a “safety sensitive” position.


Performs direct and indirect patient care duties under the guidance and direction of the RN and LPN. Responsible for implementing components of the plan of care through the initiation/completion of procedures relating to basic human, mental, spiritual, and social needs; comfort and safety measures; activities of daily living; personal care needs; nutrition and fluid needs; and elimination needs. Indirect patient care includes, but is not limited to, cleaning occupied and unoccupied patient areas and maintaining an environment, which is neat and free of hazards to the patient’s well-being. An understanding of and willingness to follow infection control and safety guidelines is mandatory. Supports the organization’s mission, vision, and values.


Maintains good physical and emotional well being. Job responsibilities require a considerable amount of physical work. The individual will be required to assist with lifting and moving patients, pushing of carts, wheelchairs, and other equipment; and lifting or pushing of up to 50 pounds. The individual must be able to bend over to perform certain duties, e.g., assist patient to put on footwear, check urinary output, etc. The individual must also be able to maneuver throughout the halls, stairways, and patient rooms in response to hospital emergencies. Interpretation of environmental input requires visual and auditory skills. A significant amount of writing and computer entry is required. Trips to various departments will be required. The position does have some heavy exposure to malodorous, infectious body fluids from patients and some minimal exposure to noxious smells from cleansing agents. Exposure to infectious wastes and body fluids may mandate the wearing of gloves, masks, gowns, and goggles.


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