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Restorative Maintenance CNA

companyGogebic Medical Care Facility
locationWakefield, MI 49968, USA
PublishedPublished: 6/14/2022
Full Time

Job Description


In order to fulfill the job functions listed below an individual must meet the following minimum qualifications.

Communicate effectively in person, on the telephone, and in writing.

Be certified as a nurse aide.

Be in good standing on the Nurse Aide Register.

Minimum of one year experience in health care field (Preferred).

Experience in Restorative Nursing, Maintenance Procedures (Preferred).

Experience in Rehabilitation Procedures (Preferred).

Experience and ability to use a computer. (Preferred).

Comply with all Facility policies and procedures.

Comply with all policies and procedures as may be established by your Director.

Comply with shift standards, duties and responsibilities.

Comply with all safety, universal precautions and infection control policies and procedures.

Respect resident rights.

Ensure resident safety. Present a friendly, calm, cooperative, positive manner.

Maintain State of Michigan nurse aide certification.

Reports to the Charge Nurse on duty on the shift and floor that the RN is working.

Maintain Confidentiality.

On occasion may need to lift up to 40 lbs.

Prompt and regular attendance.

Listen to Report.

Follow the nursing care plan for each resident.

Offer input into the resident's rehabilitation plan of care.

Provide, assist and teach residents with range of motion (ROM) and stretching exercise as recommended by the Physical Therapist.

Provide, assist and teach residents ambulation (gait training) specified by the Physical Therapist as out- lined in

the plan of care; adhere to weight bearing restrictions and use the proper mobility appliance as instructed.

utilize a "gait belt" and additional assistance as needed for resident safety.

Perform treatment as prescribed by physician & as directed by the Physical Therapist/OT/Charge Nurse.

Provide, assist, and teach residents therapeutic exercises as recommended by the Physical Therapist/OT. Perform hot packs and other treatments as ordered under close supervision of Physical Therapist/OT and/or Charge Nurse.

Prepare equipment such as hydrotherapy tanks, whirlpools, and hot packs.

Fill tanks, check and temperature controls.

Provide, assist and teach residents transferring (transfer training) specified by the Physical Therapist as outlined

 in the plan of care; utilize a "gait belt" and the recommended mobility appliance for transfer- ring; obtain additional assistance as needed for resident safety.

Provide, assist and teach residents with transfer and gait training as recommended by the Physical Therapist;

 encourage independence and maintain safety.

Provide, assist and teach residents with ambulating, transferring, positioning, bathing, shaving/grooming,

 dressing and feeding programs per the Occupational Therapist's recommendations and under Nursing


Provide, assist and teach residents in the use of mobility appliances such as walker, cane, braces and crutches. Provide verbal, touch and music stimuli during therapy as instructed.

Assist and teach residents with oral exercises and word drilling as instructed and taught by the Speech Therapist. Perform and/or assist with the Sensory Stimulation Program under the guidance and supervision of the Occupational Therapist.

Assist and teach residents with specific ADL tasks and break them down into the simplest steps using

reinforcement and repetition of the steps.

Report to supervisor resident's physical condition, tolerance, reaction and progress in the rehabilitation

program. Report to supervisor any status changes or problems that may arise with residents to the RN

supervisor or to the Physical Therapist.

Maintain resident privacy during therapy and cares.

Assure that rooms are kept neat and uncluttered after providing cares.

Record daily information and minutes of service provided in the computer system.

Record resident's goals, achievements, tolerance and setbacks as needed in the computer system.

Assist in transporting residents.

Supervise the residents in the Assist to dining program and in the resident dining room during the noon meal

and assist with setting up trays and dining, if needed; one Restorative/Maintenance C.N.A. to report to either

floor and help with trays and assist with meals as needed.

Respond to resident requests and call lights.

Assist others with lifting and assist in emergencies.

Assist in the Physical Therapy & Restorative Nursing Department with ROM, ambulation and gait/transfer

training when needed.

Receive approval from the RN or LPN supervisor prior to assisting on the floors or prior to performing an activity

that is not part of the Restorative Program.

Make appropriate recommendations for equipment & supplies needed for the P.T. & Restorative Nursing Department.

Maintain clean, orderly, and safe work environment. Immediately report malfunctioning or unsafe, or suspected

malfunctioning or unsafe, equipment or conditions to supervisor.

Attend required in-services.

Attend required meetings.

Other duties may be assigned

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