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Sales Representative

companyThe Morrow Brown Agency
locationLittle Rock, AR, USA
PublishedPublished: 6/14/2022
Full Time

Job Description


We are looking for a particular person to fill this position who is highly motivated to advance within the company as a Sales Representative. You must also be coachable and able to manage yourself well. We hire those who see value in making an impact in the lives of others. We are a Personal Development company that happens to sell life insurance. We believe in developing leaders to make an impact (Ripple).

JOB DESCRIPTION for Sales Representative

Our Products: Life Insurance that helps protect our clients as well as help them eliminate debt, build strong retirement plans, and transfer wealth. Our agents operate as more of a consultant than a salesperson.

Our Training and Development Platform: We offer the most advanced training in the insurance field and the best, one-on-one support from a seasoned mentor/coach. Whether you have a background in insurance or this is all new, you can be very successful in this industry with our simple and duplicatable system.

Technology and Tools: You are armed with the best technology in the industry to help you work efficiently. Our Quility platform is second to none and provides you with the best agent-to-client experience with a CRM that helps nurture your leads, a direct-to-consumer platform for quoting and sales and so much more.

Corporate Support: Our corporate team assists with marketing, contracting, client services, tech support, assistance with selling advanced market products through our retirement services team and so much more. You work for yourself but certainly not by yourself.

Our Clients/Leads: NO COLD CALLING - We generate our leads in-house to offer our agents the best agent-to-client experience and cut out the time it takes to prospect new clients.

Our Partnerships: We partner with over 40 A+ rated life insurance carriers to provide our clients with the best, most affordable options regardless of their health.

If you answer yes to at least some of the following questions, you may be the person that we are looking for to be a Sales Representative.

  • Had enough of working long hours and not having time to enjoy family and life in general
  • Tired of working in a job you don’t love, biding your time to retirement (Have you said this? “One day I’ll be able to retire if I just keep pushing, then I can rest!”)
  • Tired of someone else determining your worth and watching inflation go up while your paycheck doesn’t move to match it?
  • Tired of the corporate madness of watching people move up the ladder because of who they know, not what they do?
  • Tired of giving 110% working for a boss who couldn’t care less if you showed up tomorrow?
  • Tired of trading time for money?
  • Worried about the future of your position because of layoffs and budget cuts?
  • Tired of having to ask someone else if you can attend special events for your children or go on a vacation?

ARE YOU . . .

  • Someone who likes working with others and helping them achieve their goals?
  • Someone who spends time developing yourself (health, finance, leadership skills, etc.)
  • Someone who wants a work life that they enjoy and that challenges them to be a better person both personally and professionally?
  • Someone who wants to work with highly motivated leaders who want you to be successful?
  • Someone who wants to build something that will benefit not only you but also your children and grandchildren (generational wealth)?
  • Someone who wants to create their schedule and have a work-life balance that makes every day a joy, not working toward that future rest (retirement)?
  • Someone who would like the flexibility to work from home, anywhere in the country?
  • Someone who likes to travel and explore new places and let someone else pay for it?

So, how many of those boxes did you check? If you checked at least 5 of them, you may be the person we are looking for. If you checked more than 5, then I’d like to talk with you. Feel free to apply and we can chat!

However, no agent’s success, earnings, or production results should be viewed as typical, average, or expected. Not all agents achieve the same or similar results, and no particular results are guaranteed. Your level of success will be determined by several factors, including the amount of work you put in, your ability to successfully follow and implement our training and sales system and engage with our lead system, and the insurance needs of the customers in the geographic areas in which you choose to work.

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