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Essential Stats for Aspiring Executive Assistants!


The folks at CareerStep have pulled together some highlights from the Bureau of Labor Statistics's most recent report on executive assistants: where they're most likely to be employed, where their wages are most competitive, and what those competitive rates are likely to be.

Where to Look

If you're just entering the industry and want to make sure you're targeting the most promising opportunities, consider looking at colleges, universities, and professional schools (the highest employing industry!) in top paying states: New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Other industries in the top 5 included local and state governments, corporate employers, and elementary and secondary schools.

Highest Earning Industries

If your eye is on the hourly wage prize, though, consider pursuing opportunities at alcohol vendors (where the mean hourly wage $35.02!), telecommunications industries ($34.14), securities and commodity exchanges aka Wall Street ($33.16), banking and financial analysis companies ($32.89), and clothing and wholesale vendors ($32.22).

These average rates should also help you detect underpaid (and potentially exploitative) job postings and empower you to negotiate for more competitive rates, especially if you work in one of the more competitive states like California, New York, Texas, Florida, or Illinois.

Check out more statistics in the full report on the website or explore wage comparison profiles at to figure out what you should be making as an executive assistant!

Executive Assistant Job Outlook and Stats!


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